Don’t just sit when you treat guests to drink, learn these 3 “universal words”, and you will not be afraid of more drinking

In the eyes of the older generation, the mouth plays a great role in the human body. “Misfortune comes from the mouth, and disease comes from the mouth.” Even speaking is regarded as an art.

At present, due to the fast pace of life, people often go back and forth between work and home at two o’clock and one line, and the wine table has become everyone’s The main occasion of human relations.

In addition, the Chinese are very particular about reciprocity. If you invite me today, I will invite you next time, which has become a tacit matter for everyone, so it is indispensable for you to be the host at the wine table.

The editor will give you a popular science article for everyone. Don’t just sit around when you treat guests to drink, learn these 3 universal “opening words”, and you will not be afraid of more drinking sessions.

Universal Word One: Suitable for Treating Friends

In daily life, the most treats are between friends. After all, there is a traditional saying that “go out and rely on friends”. When entertaining friends, everyone is of the same age and generation, so the atmosphere on the wine table is relatively relaxed, and social fear rarely occurs when hosting.

That’s it. For example: “Brothers now have their own families and careers, but the brotherhood is still there. If there is any problem in life or career, everyone will talk about it quickly today, and they will not return when they are not drunk!”.

< span>Universal words two: suitable for treating Hakka people

The Chinese place great emphasis on filial piety. Once everyone enters the workplace, it is not uncommon for them to host Hakka people for dinner occasionally. Eating as a family should be relaxed, but with the opening of the mind, it is inevitable that there will be a lot of talking among relatives. It is precisely because of this that many people feel very embarrassed when they invite Hakkas to dinner. Here I will teach you a universal saying, which can not only express your attitude but also make your family eat honestly, for example: “Usually, the work is too busy, and the family rarely has the opportunity to sit and eat together. Today, everyone eats openly. Eat and drink enough, talk homely.”

Universal words three: suitable for treating colleagues

The vast majority of people who have enough pockets to host guests are working workers. It is common practice to entertain colleagues (including leaders) in the workplace. Being a host can pave the way for your future career , It can also build a good quality relationship network. Colleagues are most refrained from drawing big cakes when entertaining guests. Only by telling something practical can you show your sincerity. If the purpose of the invitation is all on your face, it is estimated that no one will be invited to participate in your banquet next time.

So when treating colleagues, you can say: “I have been here for a while, and it has caused a lot of trouble for everyone. You have also helped me a lot (you can say it specifically), and I would like to take this opportunity to express some apologies to you, and I will do this as a respect.”


It is very important to express your attitude as a host when you treat guests to a drink. While mastering the three “universal words”, if you can prepare a If the wine is good, then the scope of the wine bureau will be better. The following editor will give you 2 “universal wines” that are suitable for the above 3 situations.

Handong Master Wine (Daya)

When the price of Maotai-flavored wine is oversaturated, a high-quality and cost-effective premium Maotai-flavored wine is very competitive in the market, such as this Handong master wine (Daya). The brewing experience of this wine comes from the brewing of Moutai, and at the same time, it also absorbs the brewing essence of Diaoyutai in Sandai, Guizhou.

The raw materials are selected from the local high-quality Xiaohongliang in Maotai Town. The high-quality base wine is forged by 12987 technology. It is made after 6 years of storage and 10 years of old wine. fragrance. At present, this wine is mainly aimed at the low-end market, and it is used for daily treats, which has both face and integrity.

Wang Shaobin Wine

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This wine is also a high-grade Kunsha sauce-flavored wine brewed with 12987 technology. The raw materials used are the same as those of Moutai. It is rich and rich, and it is blended with the old wine collected by Wang Shaobin, the “Moutai paver” who caused a sensation in the entire sauce-flavored wine industry in the last century.

< span>Wang Shaobin learned the brewing of sauce-flavored wine when he was young, and participated in the brewing of the most famous contemporary sauce-flavored wine Wang Mao and Moutai in Ronghe Shaofang and Maotai Distillery. Paving the way for Moutai’s current status as a national wine, it is called “Moutai Paver”. This wine is made of Kunshaji wine and the old wine he kept, which is very precious.

opening remarks”.