Don’t be greedy for illusory love

Strong man culture hits the nail on the head!

1. What is reality? The reality is that you can touch it. Can touch his hand. I can touch his hair. Can lean on his shoulder. This is called reality.

2. What is unreal? Xu Huan is where you are across this screen, ouch, this one is beautiful, that one is beautiful, this is called illusory, where daydreams and obscenity.

3. We have many brothers who like to watch that Japanese love action movie, like Use that vibrato and watch young ladies dance, this is called virtualization.

4. For some girls, her husband always likes to save pictures of beautiful women, Then silently appreciate at night, this behavior itself is illusory.

5. You can see it, but you can’t touch it. Isn’t it an illusion? Including many couples from different places, this is also unrealistic.

6. There is only spiritual love without physical contact. People must combine yin and yang, and combination of deficiency and reality. How can there be spiritual love without physical contact?

7. Only physical contact, love without spirit is not enough. For example, many men like to find love with hundreds of dollars, so would you have feelings for that kind of worker?

8. Therefore, it is absolutely impossible to have only the body without the spirit. Only the spirit does not work without the body. There must be both, a combination of yin and yang.

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