Does frequent perm and dyed hair really cause cancer? Multiple studies give a consistent answer

Pull a “hair” to move the whole body! You who often perm and dye your hair may greatly underestimate the impact of this action on your body…

Every woman is born to love beauty! With the progress of society and the improvement of people’s living standards, making yourself young is the pursuit of many people, especially middle-aged and elderly friends. In the past, a 40-year-old woman looked like 45, but in today’s society, a 53-year-old woman looks like 35!

This The root of all beauty is inseparable from the hair.When people reach middle age, especially those whose hair is getting thinner, they can cut, perm and dye their hair. A lot younger!

But you who love beauty, You must know how to be moderate, as frequent perm and hair dyeing can do a lot of harm to your body!

1. Frequent perms are harmful to health

The process of perming It will cause the loss of internal moisture and nutrients, which is harmful to the hair, scalp and hair follicles. Or slightly denature the keratin protein of the hair, making the hair yellow, brittle, easy to fall off, dull and inelastic.

The perm is the most harmful It is one of the potions. Many perm potions on the market contain alkaline ingredients, which have a certain oxidation effect. Once they come into contact with the scalp, it is easy to damage the cuticles in the hair, causing the water in the hair to be lost. It is also easy to produce allergic reaction. Severely destroys the hematopoietic system and induces bladder cancer, breast cancer, lymphoma, leukemia and other diseases.

Second, the disease risk of hair dyeing should not be underestimated

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Dyeing your hair is now a common daily activity. It is worth noting that in addition to increasing the risk of hair loss, hair dyeing also increases the risk of other diseases.

Chemical substances contained in chemical hair dyes – p-phenylenediamine, It is associated with an increased risk of skin cancer, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, and lymphoma. The frequency and dose of hair dye use are positively correlated with the incidence of breast cancer and ovarian cancer. For every 50 times the number of hair dyes increases, the risk of breast cancer increases by 1% to 2%.

In general, The greater the concentration of chemicals in hair dye, the more harmful it is to your hair and body.

< span>Third, reduce hair damage, do these 5 points

1. Hair care experts believe that perms should not be too frequent, and should not exceed four times a year;

2. Pregnant women who have a perm will affect the health of the fetus, so they should not perm; little girls have delicate scalps, and perms are easy to break the scalp, infected with bacteria, and people with dry scalp should not often perm.

3. Before use Do a skin test. The chemical ingredients in hair dyes and hair straighteners may cause skin allergies, so it is best to apply a little behind the ears to try on a small area before use. If there is swelling and itching symptoms, it is not recommended to use it again.

4. Select qualified products. There are many types of perm water and hair dyes on the market. For your own safety and health, you must choose a regular brand.

5. Strict operating procedures. The staff in the barber shop are relatively professional and skilled, but if you use it yourself, you should strictly follow the instructions in the package, and pay special attention to all warning statements.

Not only middle-aged and elderly friends, but also young friends who like to perm and dye their hair frequently should also pay attention. There is nothing wrong with loving beauty, but you must choose moderate and high-quality hair products to be worthy of your hard work.