Does everyone have cancer cells? The academician said yes, but don’t worry too much

This question is often asked: “Why do people who smoke for a long time have their lungs darkened”? This is mainly because of the pigmentation on the surface of the alveoli. These pigmented substances mainly include nicotine, tar, dust, carbon ink, etc. in the usual smoking, so these harmful substances will accumulate on the surface of the alveoli and form a layer black substance.

Once these black substances are formed, smoking cessation is irreversible, that is to say, the black lungs will not turn pink after quitting smoking. .

Of course, if you can quit smoking as soon as possible, the harmful substances accumulated on the surface of the alveoli will not increase, and the damage to the lungs by harmful substances will also be reduced, thereby reducing the chance of lung cancer.

What if you know that your lungs have been severely “blackened”?

People who smoke for a long time have 3 symptoms on the head, or the lungs are “black as coke”

Frequent smoking People, if there are three manifestations in the head, it is very likely that there is a problem with the lungs. Every puff of cigarettes we inhale contains a lot of nicotine, tar, carbon monoxide, etc. Among them, nicotine is mainly addictive, and tar and carbon monoxide will damage our alveoli and make the cilia in the lungs inactive, It causes the function of the lungs to decline, and the incompletely burned tobacco particles will also deposit in the lungs, making the lungs darker and darker.

Then if the lungs are damaged, the oxygen supply of our whole body will also be affected. Therefore, we must pay more attention to the signs of damage to the lungs in our life.

If the following three manifestations appear, it means that the lungs are likely to have a high degree of “blackening” and there is a problem.

First: face blackening.

Generally speaking, healthy people’s faces will be more rosy or shiny. If the toxins in the lungs gradually accumulate, then we will have a dull face on the face. , matte and more.

Second: Cough frequently.

The cough is more obvious when you wake up in the morning, because the lungs are damaged and can’t excrete toxins normally, resulting in a cough.

Third: Dizziness.

If you say dizziness in the morning, it may also indicate a condition of lung damage, which causes our brains and limbs to not get enough oxygen, so it is easy to get up in the morning fatigue.

If friends who smoke a lot and want to protect their lungs, it is recommended to stick to the following three good habits:

First, if you can’t quit smoking, you must control it.

Many people know that smoking is very harmful, but they can’t quit for a while. It is recommended to use a step-by-step method to slowly reduce the amount of cigarettes and avoid excessive cigarettes. Continuous damage to the lungs.

Second, do regular exercise regularly.

It is recommended to exercise regularly every week, at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise at least three times a week. You can also do more chest expansion exercises, abdominal breathing and other good habits for clearing the lungs and nourishing the lungs.

Third, eat more foods that are better for the lungs

For example, Luo Han Guo drink Osmanthus Tea. Chrysanthemum tangerine peel tea, tremella soup, loquat leaf water, etc., here is a classic tea treatment recipe: take Luo Han Guo, Pang Dahai, loquat leaves, chrysanthemum, honeysuckle and other ingredients of the same origin as medicine and food. , according to the formula combination, to make Pang Dahai chrysanthemum tea, which can clear the lungs and throat, degrade tobacco poison, especially suitable for long-term consumption of smokers.

In addition, we must drink enough water every day to maintain a normal function of our body and improve the resistance of the lungs. disease ability.

In life, we must also keep the living environment clean, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, and maintain a good mood, so that we can better maintain the health of our lungs.