[Doctor’s Notes] I experienced “Colorful Life” in Guangzhou Fangcang Hospital

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The Third Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University supports Fang Xiaobo, a member of the Guangzhou shelter medical team and attending physician of the Department of Neurology

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“Prevention and control is responsibility , The epidemic is an order”, when faced with the sudden outbreak, on the evening of November 4, we received an order to form a medical team to support the Guangzhou Fangcang Hospital. As a medical staff, I have a duty to do so. I quickly settled my family, handed over my job and joined the medical team.

It has been more than half a month since I entered the shelter hospital. What I savor carefully is the different life in the cabin, and the different relationship between doctors and patients.

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Gray: Busy, first impression of the shelter hospital

The epidemic situation is urgent, and the Guangzhou Fangcang Hospital has been opened. Although for us medical staff, all this does not seem too scary, but we can really wear ” When “Dabai” stepped into the cabin, his inner emotions inevitably fluctuated. The first feeling when I first arrived at the shelter was that it was “busy”. The huge shelter hospital, a large number of patients, and noisy voices… The patients checked in included the elderly and children, some had a fever, some were coughing, and some were crying The sound, the comforting sound of an adult, can be called “crying, laughing, crying and laughing, the sound enters the ear; the sound of coughing, walkie-talkie, horn, the sound is endless.”

But with the intervention of our medical staff and the normal functioning of the shelter hospital, calmness and calmness quickly returned. The medical staff quickly adapted to the working mode, the shelter hospital began to operate normally, and the order of life in the shelter quickly normalized. The self-confidence and firmness of the medical staff, the optimism and indifference of the patients returned to their positions, and the patience and persuasion of the doctors and nurses increased. There are also many laughs.

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White: The doctor “understands the white”, both healing and comfort

We are called “Dabai”, Dabai used to be a chubby inflatable intelligent robot in the movie “Big Hero 6”. He was loved by everyone because of his cute appearance and kind nature, and we are really like Dabai’s incarnation in protective clothing, protecting For the health of everyone in the shelter hospital, the flowing understanding here is the best confidence guarantee and spiritual comfort for patients.

Facing the many patients in the Fangcai Hospital, our medical staff, in addition to simple symptomatic treatment (such as fever, cough) to relieve symptoms every day, also It is necessary to repeatedly instruct patients to drink more water, rest more, and exercise appropriately; secondly, among a large number of patients, it is necessary to find out those who need special treatment or need to receive more advanced treatment. In addition, we also need to deal with patients’ insomnia, anxiety, worry and so on.

The work in the shelter hospital not only tests our conventional medical methods, but also requires the doctors to take good care of their lives and do their best to meet their requirements , to reduce their anxiety. “Sometimes to heal, often to help, always to comfort”, this classic sentence of medical humanities is a portrayal of the work of our doctors in the shelter hospital. During this process, some medical staff established friendship with patients, listened to patients’ stories, and enhanced the understanding between doctors and patients.

A touch of “green” in the cabin represents hope

On an ordinary afternoon, when I was working at my desk inside, a beam of sunlight suddenly hit my protective face screen, and the colorful sunlight was reflected in front of my eyes instantly. Looking over the head and following the beam of sunlight, I saw a strong green plant and its emerald green bathed in sunlight.

Green plants can be seen everywhere in the shelter hospital, the vibrant green and the people walking around. I feel that this is the illusion of ordinary citizens visiting ordinary parks in an ordinary afternoon.

Of course, green is not only the exclusive color of green plants, but also the “green vests” who are full of empathy and kindness —— Rouji Love Volunteer The shelter volunteers of the service team.

At the beginning of the opening of the cabin, the manpower was relatively tight, and the medical staff Not only to undertake medical work, but also to undertake the transfer of materials, the workload is huge. As a result, many empathetic and kind patients joined the team of volunteers in the shelter hospital.

They wear volunteer uniforms “green vests” every day, helping medical staff with daily management, material distribution, safety education, etc., serving as patients and medical staff The communication bridge and bond of personnel. It was with their assistance that the Fangcai Hospital quickly restored order and returned to normal. And because they are patients themselves, they can often play an irreplaceable role as medical staff. This smear of greenery does not mean that each of them hopes to be expected.

That touch The “red” that gives people confidence

“Life first, people first”. Put it first. On the front line of epidemic prevention, the party flag is flying. The hospital party committee immediately set up a temporary party branch of the medical team of the shelter hospital. Always feel the care of the party and the warmth of the organization. That party flag is the best announcement, not only giving strength to our medical staff, but also giving infinite comfort to patients.

In the shelter hospital, there are many red promotional slogans, such as:

“We recover together, and no one will be left behind”

“This is a prescription for you, and you need to produce it yourself: open-minded two money, Optimism 3 money, confidence 5 money”

Red banners, in this special period in this special place It is particularly important, confidence is more important than gold, and the confidence gathered together is the magic weapon for us to overcome the epidemic.

Color : Looking forward to the epidemic together

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In this shelter hospital temporarily set up by patients and medical staff, all kinds of events are going on. Story: Some patients express their gratitude and understanding to the medical staff, and some do not understand the policy and are dissatisfied with the medical staff. We need to resolve it in time; some patients are open-minded about the current “difficult conditions”, and some patients are full of anxiety; Patients are looking for peace of mind for self-entertainment, optimistic yearning for future life, accumulating strength, and complaining and complaining about daily meals… These vivid scenes are our lives, and it is the shelter where we and patients stop for a short time The most authentic life in a large family.

Every time I leave work, I always joke with my colleagues that “I’m out of the cabin and feel good”. I used to be curious about what it feels like to feel good, but this time I seem to understand it, especially when sitting in the commuter car after the night shift, feeling the breeze blowing, with the scent of green grass, accompanied by the blooming on the roadside I deeply feel that this is the city I guard. When this idea came to my mind, I instantly forgot my fatigue. This is probably the so-called “feeling good”.

In the shelter hospital, time slowed down and life needed to be redefined. Slowly, everyone found different ways to deal with it The uncertainty in life also rediscovers the inner sense of order and security.

Source: Guangyi

Author: Fang Xiaobo

Editor: Chen Jia

< span>Editor in charge: Chen Guangtai

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