Do not say these 4 sentences! When interacting with people, learn to shut up, don’t be stupid and don’t know

Don’t say these 4 sentences! When interacting with people, learn to shut up, don’t be stupid and don’t know! As the saying goes: a good word will warm the winter three times, and a bad word will hurt others and the six months will be cold.

It can be seen how much influence speaking has on people. In fact, speaking is also an art. If you can use words well when communicating, this art can also improve interpersonal relationships. But the more words the better, you also need to learn to shut up at the right time. Especially this 4 sentence, never tell others.

1, Don’t talk big.

In life, we often meet some people who like to talk big, even if they can’t do things , will promise to others swearingly. If you say it once or twice, you may still be trusted by others, but if you often say big things, you will also reduce your image in the eyes of others, and you will be labeled as unreliable. When someone else has a money-making project, you will be excluded immediately, so that you will never have a chance to turn over. Honesty is the most important thing in this society. For those who often break their promises, no one wants to be with them.

2, Do not gossip.

We often hear people from the older generation say: Sickness comes from the mouth, disaster comes from the mouth. Although talking can bring people closer, not everything can be said with people. Especially gossip about others behind their backs. This kind of behavior will not only alienate others from you, but also damage your own image. You must know that people who speak ill of others will also become others’ jokes behind their backs. No one can accept people who often discuss others behind their backs, because they don’t know when the discussion object will be replaced by themselves. For this kind of person, it will only arouse people’s disgust and even make people stay away.

3, Do not complain.

We often see jokes about life on the Internet. They say: Life is easy, work is easy, life is easy. not easy. And the hardships of life are far beyond our imagination. When facing life, people often say some complaining words. They will complain about the unfairness of life, their own dissatisfaction, their parents’ incompetence, and others’ failure to help them. In the eyes of this kind of people, they think that everyone owes them and should help them, but they don’t think that they are just ordinary people. No one can accept a person with negative emotions in his head every day, and he is unwilling to be friends with him. We must know that in addition to negativity, there are many things worth remembering in life.

4, Do not speak harsh words.


Many people like to say something when they are angry Ruthless words, everyone knows that these ruthless words will hurt the people around them like a knife, and will make their hearts completely cool. You must know that language hurts people the most, and it can find the softest place in people’s hearts. Then insert it hard, this kind of pain is far more unbearable than physical pain. The more you care about the person, the deeper the injury will be, and this kind of injury is likely to accompany them for a lifetime, even if time can Heals, but also leaves an indelible scar.

When getting along with people, you must learn to speak, especially the above 4 words must not be spoken casually. You must know that once the human heart is hurt, it is difficult to get back together. If you have no way to stabilize your emotions when you are angry, you can also find some relaxing exercises and wait until your emotions are stable before speaking.