Do not overexhaust your physical strength


I believe that many elderly people who are retired or preparing to retire want to prolong their life by exercising. However, exercising should be done according to your own physical condition, and you can’t exercise blindly and overexhaust your physical strength.

Many young people think that they are still young, but they do not know how to protect themselves and not be afraid of hardship and fatigue. It is worth learning. While working hard, you must know not to overdraw your physical strength. Although you are young, you will be fine after a good night’s sleep. However, the disease is a little accumulation, and once the pain is obvious, it is difficult to treat.

The various ailments of some elderly people are mostly accumulated when they are young. The elderly should exercise according to their physical condition, and they should not overdraw their physical strength. Some people with poor constitution can just take a walk after a meal. And some people have enough physical strength, so they can do some relatively high-intensity exercise methods. But there must be a degree.

Whether you are young or old, you must have a degree in everything you do. Overdrafting this degree can lead to various diseases.