Difficulty urinating, dizziness and fatigue, traditional Chinese medicine can wash away dampness and restore righteousness

Su, 26 years old. The chief complaint was dysuria, dizziness and fatigue for 1 year.

The patient is obese, and his eyes are edematous when he comes to the clinic. Involved in the bad habit of self-blasphemy, excessive indulgence, and addicted to spicy, fat and sweet food.

Symptoms: dizziness, mental fatigue, light sleep and easy waking, drooling , damp scrotum, loose stools. The tongue coating is yellow and greasy, and the pulse is slow.

Four diagnoses combined with ginseng, the syndrome belongs to damp-heat block, the treatment should clear damp-heat, diuresis and relieve stranguria.

Suggested recipes: Cucumber, Qumai, Gardenia, Talc, herb, phellodendron, alisma, psyllium, achyranthes bidentata, coix seed, scutellaria baicalensis, scutellaria, smilax, capillary, ageratum, perrin, licorice

After taking 10 doses of the medicine, the patient complained of increased urine output, decreased urine frequency, relief of dizziness, fatigue, and slight weight loss. Add and subtract a little according to the above symptoms, continue to take 10 doses, after the medicine is finished, the doctor complains that the body is refreshing and comfortable, and all the symptoms are gone.


The patient in this case is obese, with edema in the eyes and yellow greasy tongue coating. image. Internal disturbance caused by dampness and heat, blinding qi mechanism, loss of nourishment of clear orifices is the standard, and internal disturbance of dampness and heat is the root.

Damp-heat stagnation, clear yang does not rise, qi and blood cannot reach clear orifices, Then I feel dizzy and sleepy; the spleen is trapped by damp heat, and the spleen cannot nourish the limbs, so I feel tired and weak;

Damp-heat accumulates in the lower energizer, and bladder gasification fails, resulting in dysuria, frequent urination and urgency, dampness in the scrotum;

Since there is damp heat blockage, the most urgent thing to do is to facilitate urination and open up the front passage, so that the There is a way to retreat from the heat and humidity.

The ingredients of Qumai and Qumai in the prescription are bitter and cold in taste, good at clearing dampness and heat in the bladder, and beneficial for urination and detoxification The specialties of stranguria and constipation; Plantago, clearing lung heat and benefiting bladder; Atractylodes atractylodes, Cortex Phellodendri, removing dampness and heat, combined with Achyranthes bidentata to promote water and blood stasis, Coix seed to promote water and dehumidification;

Talc, gardenia clearing and benefiting the triple burner, adding sage, capillary, Alisma, and smilax to increase its clearing effect, so that the pathogenic factors of dampness and heat can be eliminated Urinate away; Scutellaria baicalensis clears heat and dampness; Huoxiang and Peilan aromatize turbidity and remove dampness;

All kinds of medicines are used in combination, mainly to clear the bladder, at the same time clear the lungs, remove the upper source, and lower the heart The fire sharpens the small intestine, expels dampness and heat to move away the large intestine, and has the skill of dredging, dividing and eliminating. Play a total of clearing away heat and purging fire, diuretic effect of treating stranguria.