Diabetics with these 4 manifestations may have diabetes complications, don’t carry it by yourself, you have to seek medical treatment

In life, people with diabetes may have some symptoms that are embarrassed and told by others, and often carry it on their own. In fact, this may be a manifestation of diabetes complications or poor blood sugar control, which should be treated in time , can be alleviated.

1. When speaking, there is a bad smell

This is bad breath, an oral complication.

If not treated, it will not only cause the listener to be disgusted when speaking, but also cause long-term bad breath. If these oral bacteria enter the blood, it will cause adverse effects on the body. effects, including increasing blood sugar levels.

Solution: First, I went to the dentist and my oral problems were under control. Second, control blood sugar; third, regulate other diseases that may cause bad breath, such as digestive system problems. Fourth, pay attention to oral hygiene and brush your teeth twice a day.

2. Dissatisfaction with sex life

some type 2 diabetes The patient had sexual dysfunction, mainly manifested as erectile dysfunction or retrograde ejaculation.

This is a manifestation of diabetes complications. Without treatment, it is difficult to heal on your own, and may be Affect the physical and mental state of the couple.

Countermeasures: First, control blood sugar; second, go to the andrology doctor and take drugs to repair nerves , improve erectile dysfunction; third, maintain a healthy lifestyle – regular exercise, lose weight, quit smoking, maintain a healthy diet.

3. Frequent urination, unable to hold back span>

Diabetes can cause damage to the autonomic nerves that control the bladder, resulting in bladder dysfunction, manifested as frequent urination, urinary retention, urinary incontinence, etc. It is one of the complications of diabetes .

If you don’t get treatment, you will not only feel uncomfortable, but also affect your quality of life and won’t heal on your own.

Countermeasures:On the basis of good blood sugar control, go to the urology department in time to strive for early treatment. Intervention, early control.

4. Often itching in the lower body

Many women with diabetes feel that they are very Pay attention to hygiene and family health. Why do you often have itching in your lower body? Maybe you have vaginitis, so you go to the pharmacy to buy some medicine yourself.

In fact, this is not necessarily a gynecological disease, but because of poor blood sugar control, it gives bacteria a chance to survive.

Countermeasures:Firstly, control blood sugar in time; secondly, take enough antibiotics as prescribed by the doctor , instead of going to the pharmacy to buy over-the-counter drugs; third, keep the vulva clean.

If you have the above symptoms, don’t carry it, go to the doctor immediately, the doctor can definitely help you.

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Author: Fang Yu