Diabetic people eat chili, does it lower blood sugar or raise blood sugar? doctor told the truth

When chili was first introduced to my country, many people could not eat chili, because after eating it, they would feel like their mouths were on fire and they would sweat all over.

But now more and more people eat chili, and most people can accept it. In fact, chili There are more and more ways to eat it, such as chili powder, chili sauce and so on.

In fact, everyone’s acceptance of spicy is different, but as a condiment, chili is used in It is essential in life, but for people with diabetes, does eating chili lower blood sugar or raise blood sugar?


Diabetic people eat chili, does it lower blood sugar or raise blood sugar? The doctor told the truth

According to research, if you usually like spicy food, people with diabetes The risk is lower. The spiciness mentioned here is capsaicin, and pepper contains a lot of capsaicin. When it enters the human body, it can speed up the secretion of insulin and help regulate blood sugar levels.

According to experimental studies, capsaicin can also prevent stroke and fatty liver, and also has beneficial effects on intestinal diseases preventive effect.

The director of the Department of Endocrinology of Central South University said that eating spicy food has a certain protective effect on people with diabetes, but If you often eat fried food and sweets, you will increase your risk of diabetes.

Often eating chili can improve blood sugar Level, but usually should choose the correct cooking method, will not cause adverse effects on blood sugar.

Although the glycemic index of chili peppers is relatively low, eating chili peppers can easily stimulate appetite, resulting in overeating, It is easy to irritate the stomach and cause gastritis, so you should also pay attention to the amount you eat.


What effects will eating too much pepper have on the body?

Skin inflammation< /p>

Chili is a spicy food that stimulates the secretion of sebaceous glands. Excessive consumption of chili will cause sebaceous glands to secrete. Excessive consumption of chili can easily induce folliculitis and acne.


Chili contains a lot of capsaicin, and this substance is more irritating to the stomach. Eating too much chili can easily cause digestion Systemic diseases, such as diarrhea, burning sensation in the stomach, and in severe cases, it is easy to cause gastritis.

kidney related diseases

After entering the human body, capsaicin in chili will accumulate in the kidneys and eventually precipitate, causing abnormal kidney function and easily inducing kidney-related diseases.

Cause symptoms such as mouth ulcers and getting angry

The taste of chili is particularly spicy, especially the high content of capsaicin. Eating too much will stimulate the body to sweat a lot, causing excessive water loss, and it is easy to cause diarrhea. Fire, mouth ulcers and other problems.


What should be paid attention to in controlling blood sugar?

Eating Properly< /p>

To control blood sugar levels, you should pay attention to your diet, especially stay away from high-sugar foods. Some people’s blood sugar continues to rise due to poor diet control , Frequent intake of high-sugar foods will increase the sugar in the body, and the insulin in the body cannot consume it, resulting in unstable blood sugar.

Correct medication

< p data-track="26">If blood sugar continues to rise, it will easily induce diabetes and complications. Therefore, people with diabetes should take medicines reasonably according to the doctor’s guidance, and use medicines to control blood sugar.

Some people’s blood sugar exceeds the standard because the treatment method is wrong, and the medicine is not used rationally according to the doctor’s instructions, which makes the medicine unable to play a role Effect, will cause fluctuations in blood sugar, but also cause organs to be easily damaged.

Science Exercise

Exercise is also the most effective way to keep blood sugar stable, but many people in life lack Exercising, lack of exercise will lead to obesity, and also affect personal image, and obesity is the fuse of chronic diseases.

In order to stabilize blood sugar levels, exercise and exercise should be strengthened in normal times, which is conducive to dilating blood vessels and speeding up blood flow throughout the body Flow speed can also reduce blood concentration, improve blood supply to organs, and convert carbohydrates into energy.