Delayed treatment of strabismus affects children’s life Shaoguan Aier Eye Hospital experts remind: early detection and early treatment

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The 10-year-old Xiaojie is lively and cute. When he looks straight ahead, one eye looks straight ahead and the other eye looks out. Case. His mother immediately took him to Shaoguan Aier Eye Hospital for treatment. After a doctor’s examination, Xiaojie was diagnosed with strabismus. Due to the timely treatment, Xiaojie’s visual function recovered very well after the operation. It is understood that the number of children who came to the hospital for strabismus amblyopia this year has doubled compared to previous years. Huang Qiqiong, director of the Department of Optometry of Shaoguan Aier Eye Hospital, reminded that it is necessary to detect and treat as soon as possible.

A doctor examining a patient for strabismus.

Squint should be paid attention to

Squint is one of the common eye diseases in children. The eyes of a normal person look at the same object, and the object is imaged at the retinas of the two eyes, and overlapped in the visual center of the brain to form a complete, three-dimensional single object. This function is called binocular vision.

Director Huang Qiqiong introduced that infants and young children cannot coordinate the extraocular muscles well due to the incomplete development of binocular monovision function. Any unstable factors may lead to strabismus, such as the development of a certain extraocular muscle. Excessive or hypoplasia, abnormal attachment of extraocular muscles, orbital development, abnormality of intraorbital fascia structure, etc., can all lead to muscle imbalance and strabismus. Cross-eyed is a type of strabismus, medically known as “esotropia”. According to the direction of eye deviation, strabismus can also be divided into exotropia, upper strabismus, and hypostrabismus.

Squint should be treated as soon as possible

“Especially with cross-eyed eyes, many parents think that their children are just having fun and don’t pay attention to them. Parents should not neglect their children’s cross-eyed eyes or abnormal eye position when they find them. To the effect, you should take your child to a professional eye hospital for an examination.” Director Huang Qiqiong suggested, “In daily life, parents should remind their children not to tilt their heads to watch TV or play with mobile phones. After the child turns 3 years old, he should go to a professional eye hospital to establish refractive development. file, let the doctor check whether the child has problems such as myopia or strabismus, and carry out regular review in half a year or a year to achieve early detection and early treatment.” Huang Qiqiong also emphasized that children with strabismus not only damage the external image, but also harm the child. The mind has a serious impact, limiting the child’s future employment and prospects. If the opportunity for treatment is missed, it is very difficult for children to recover their vision, and strabismus surgery is performed when they grow up, which has limited effect on vision recovery.

It is reported that at present, Aier Ophthalmology is committed to building a “one-stop diagnosis and treatment model for children’s eye diseases”. Sexual assessment and diagnosis. Professional refractive error correction, surgical treatment, visual rehabilitation training and other treatments can all be provided one-stop diagnosis and treatment services at Aier Ophthalmology. “Our purpose is to help children who run slower at the starting line to catch up with normal children of the same age as much as possible, and hope that they can also have a bright future.” Huang Qiqiong said.

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