“Damp-heat” and “cold-dampness” can’t be distinguished, and dampness will only get wetter the more you get rid of it!

“Thousands of colds are easy to get rid of, but one dampness is hard to get rid of”. The moisture in the body is also divided into “cold” and “hot”!

Wetness of different attributes There are also different methods for removing qi and dampness. Come and see which method is more suitable for you?

Moisture is easy to penetrate, and the body is divided into cold and heat

Moisture encounters Cold becomes cold and damp:This is like winter, if the climate is dry, no matter how cold it is, people can still accept it, but if the humidity is heavy, people will feel uncomfortable . The winter in the south is more uncomfortable than the winter in the north, because the humidity in the south is relatively heavy, and it is cold and damp.

Wet When the air is hot, it becomes hot and humid:This is like a summer sauna day, hot and humid, making people breathless, obviously not as pleasant as when the sun is in the sky and the climate is dry.

Wet When qi meets wind, it becomes rheumatism:It is easy to dispel wind, but once it becomes rheumatism, it is often a chronic disease, which is difficult to cure in a while.

You Is it “cold and damp” or hot and humid

▶ Cold and damp

Cold and dampness is mainly caused by two reasons: from the outside, the living place is humid, wading in the rain, lying in the wetland for a long time; Drinking fruit water can damage the spleen and stomach.

The performance of cold and dampness Mainly include:

< span>1. Tongue:The tongue is fat and has tooth marks. The tongue coating is white and greasy, and some tongue coatings have a layer of water vapor floating on them.

2 .Urine:The urine is clear, long and tasteless, like water.

3 .Stool:Diarrhea caused by cold and dampness is slow, and the stomach always feels uncomfortable. Whenever I feel nervous or eat greasy food, I want to go to the toilet. It is frequent, shapeless, and very thin. Chinese medicine It is called loose stool. Chronic diarrhea is mostly caused by spleen and stomach deficiency.

4 .Body odor:People with cold and damp physique sweat cold skin and basically have no smell on their body.

Cold and damp people Accompanied by deficiency of yang, excess of yin and decline of yang, fear of cold, wind, and cold food. Cold and damp internal resistance will hinder the flow of Qi and blood, resulting in blood stasis blocking the meridians, and pain if blocked, so people with cold and damp constitution will feel pain all over the body.

✦Ginger jujube tea

How to do it :Take 2~3 slices of ginger, 3 red dates, make a few cuts on the red dates with a knife, so that the medicinal properties can also be released into the tea, boil on high heat, medium heat 10 -15 minutes, you can drink water, and the red dates can be eaten at the end. It is best to take it on an empty stomach in the morning and mid-morning, drinking after 3 pm will affect sleep.

Ginger Jujube tea can dispel cold and dampness, reconcile nutrition and health. But people with hot spleen and stomach should not drink it, it will cause dampness and heat. People who are cold and afraid of cold can add a few more peppercorns and cook it into pepper ginger jujube tea, which has a stronger effect of dispelling cold and dampness.

✦Foot Soak

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From the perspective of Chinese medicine, the feet are where the meridians of the human body gather, and there are more than 60 acupoints below the ankle. Warming meridian and expelling cold, dredging qi and blood, and adjusting the function of viscera.

People with severe cold and dampness can soak their feet in hot water at this time, which can help dispel cold and dampness, refresh people, increase appetite and promote sleep.

Hot water soaking feet The water temperature is between 42°C and 45°C, which is warm and comfortable.

After soaking your feet, the last It is better to do some simple massages, such as carefully looking for pain points on the soles of the feet (Yongquan point), toes, and heels, and rubbing each pain point for three minutes will achieve twice the result with half the effort.

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▶ Hot and humid

Damp-heat in the middle burner, the function of the spleen and stomach is dereliction of duty, Most of the pathogenic factors are due to the evil of exogenous dampness and heat; or the dampness is incomprehensible, the stagnation turns into heat, the dampness and heat combine with the evil, accumulates in the spleen and stomach, or is addicted to eating wine and cheese fat and sweet, because of the heat generated by wine, and likes to eat food containing fat. food, which is easy to brew damp heat and damage the spleen and stomach.

The main performance of damp heat There are:

1. Tongue: The tongue is reddish, with a thick yellow and greasy coating.

2 .Urine:Urine will turn yellow and smell very strong.

3 .Stool:The diarrhea caused by dampness and heat is urgent and violent. The so-called violent betting, tenesmus, after going to the toilet, there is a burning sensation in the anus, and the smell is foul.

4 .Body odor:People with hot and humid constitution have a strong body odor, body odor, underarm odor, foot odor, etc., often appear.

Humid and hot people, Because of dampness, transportation and transformation are blocked, and because of internal heat, eating a little nourishing and greasy food will cause fire, bad breath, mouth sores, and acne.

✦Lotus Leaf Jasmine Tea

Lotus leaf fragrance Slightly bitter, clearing heart and relieving summer heat, many people know that lotus leaf can lose weight, but in fact, it mainly depends on its effect of dispelling dampness and diuresis. Jasmine is elegant and fragrant, and it also has the effect of calming the liver and relieving depression, clearing heat and dampness.

Both together Drinking tea canexpel phlegm and dehumidification, clear heat and reduce turbidity.

4 This habit is easy to help dampness evil

In addition to acupoints and diet therapy, maintaining good living habits can also help prevent dampness. The following 4 living habits are easy to promote dampness in the body, and you can adjust and improve according to your own situation.

1 .stay up late, overwork

< span>The ancient book “On the Spleen and Stomach” points out that the spleen will get sick first when you are tired. When the spleen is injured, the movement and transformation of water and grain in the body will be affected, which will naturally aggravate dampness in the body.

Recommendations : Pay attention to the balance between work and rest, and you should go to sleep before 23:00 every day.

2 .Sedentary

< span>Sitting for a long time will cause insufficient blood supply, aggravate fatigue and muscle soreness, and affect the discharge of moisture.

Recommendations :Every time you sit for an hour, get up and move around to stretch your muscles and bones.

3 .Desire for cold or heavy taste

Like to eat raw or cold food or cold fruits and vegetables, or like to eat greasy, too sweet, or too salty food, which will increase the burden on gastrointestinal digestion, insufficient gastric motility, and blocked meridians, which will increase A chance for dampness to accumulate.

Suggestions: Eat a balanced, A combination of meat and vegetables; when cooking cold ingredients, it is best to add warm seasonings to neutralize.

4 .Alcoholism

Alcohol has a direct stimulating effect on the gastric mucosa, and it needs to be metabolized by the liver before it can be converted into non-toxic ethanol and excreted from the body, which will increase the burden on the liver.

Chronic drinkers The spleen and stomach are weak, unable to absorb decomposed water and grains, and the essence of water will accumulate if it cannot be distributed.

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