“Cloud fitness” broke the circle, how to exercise scientifically under the “follow the trend” of the whole people?

Life is movement, and movement needs science.

In recent years, under the promotion of the “Healthy China” strategy, there has been a surging upsurge of national fitness, and sports and health have gradually become a way of daily life for Chinese people. Especially under the epidemic situation, even if you fight the epidemic at home, it can’t stop everyone’s enthusiasm for sports and exercise. “Cloud Fitness” broke out of the circle and became a compulsory course for men, women and children, opening a new scene of sports and health. era.

Behind the movement and fitness craze is everyone’s emphasis on self-health. Exercise not only promotes people’s physical health, but also helps to improve the quality of life and reduce medical expenses. But at the same time, continuous high-frequency non-scientific fitness methods are not only unhealthy, but also damage the body’s function, which deserves everyone’s vigilance.

Facing the rapidly growing national fitness needs, popularizing scientific sports and scientific fitness knowledge has become a top priority.

“Cloud fitness” is on the rise, and the scientific “follow the trend” secret is here↓↓↓, come and learn with the editor…

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