Changes in cold and heat, frequent coughing, timely medical treatment should not be underestimated

Seasonal changes, alternating hot and cold, some citizens are prone to cough and cold symptoms. Experts point out that there are many reasons for coughing, some of which may even be life-threatening, so you should seek medical treatment in time.

On the morning of November 26, the reporter In the outpatient department of the respiratory department of the hospital, I saw that many people came to see a doctor because of cough in the past few days. A citizen who was seeing a doctor told the reporter that he heard that a severe cough would be bad for the lungs, so he rushed to see a doctor.

In daily life, some citizens think Cough is a minor ailment. Aunt Ma, 65, thought so before. As a result, her illness was delayed and she underwent two surgeries. Aunt Ma told reporters that she had a small cough at the beginning, so she took some medicine by herself. Think it’s a cold, it doesn’t matter. Then I coughed for two months, and it became more and more serious, and I couldn’t cough up phlegm. Later, I went to see a doctor, and it was diagnosed that there was something wrong with my heart and lungs. The expansion of my lungs was caused by a cough, and I got better after surgery.

Expert introduction, young People’s irregular life, or inhalation of bad gas can lead to coughing. Hu Huifang, director of the Respiratory Department of Shanghai Yangsi Hospital, introduced that if you do not come to see a doctor in time for coughing and sputum, the cough will become more and more serious, and you may also have symptoms.Symptoms such as respiratory failure, some patients may even appear more serious. Patients with malignant lesions were also found in the diagnosis and treatment. There are also some respiratory failure, hemoptysis and so on. So remember,If you have a cough and expectoration, you must go to the hospital for treatment.

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Hu Huifang suggested that you should pay attention to these points to avoid coughing:First< /strong>It is to pay attention to maintaining ventilation at home;SecondIt is to have a reasonable nutritional diet;The third is to live relatively regularly; The fourth is to strengthen exercise , Improve your body resistance, and pay attention to keep warm when the weather changes.