Caring for elderly customers, Boshan Rural Commercial Bank does this

For a long time, Boshan Rural Commercial Bank Xiajiazhuang Sub-branch has attached great importance to the protection of consumer rights and the care of elderly customers. Jiazhuang Sub-branch actively develops financial services to adapt to the aging population and improves the efficiency and convenience of financial services.

Xiajiazhuang Sub-branch is located in the suburbs of Boshan District, and there are many elderly customers. The bank has formulated different measures for different elderly customers. Open green channels for the elderly with limited mobility, take the initiative to come to the door, etc. to handle business for elderly customers with financial needs, and solve problems for customers without leaving home.

Set up outdoor labor Post stations, lounges, etc. provide convenient services for customers who come to handle business. For the elderly, they are equipped with reading glasses, handrails for the elderly, special seats for the elderly and other equipment. On the one hand, they retain the traditional services familiar to the elderly and avoid On the other hand, employees patiently answer various questions for the elderly, and guide and help the elderly to use smart equipment such as smart teller machines and self-service teller machines, which solves the difficulties for the elderly to do business in the bank. The problem.

In addition, the bank also carried out activities of serving the grassroots and entering the community, entering the community within its jurisdiction, using mobile terminal mobile vehicles to go through the streets to handle various businesses for elderly customers, and truly let elderly customers feel Convenient and fast service to Boshan Rural Commercial Bank.

Sincerely caring for elderly customers and serving them with heart and patience, Xiajiazhuang Sub-branch of Boshan Rural Commercial Bank will further devote itself to creating warm aging services to help the elderly enjoy convenient financial services. (Zhou Meiyue)