Care for ovarian health and delay aging, female friends should try to stay away from these 4 bad habits

The level of estrogen determines a woman’s physical condition and appearance. Put it this way, the more estrogen a woman produces, the better her body will be and the slower she will age. The important factor that determines the level of estrogen secretion depends on the unique organ of women – the ovary.

So for women, if you want to delay aging, The best way to ensure good health is to focus on ovarian health. It’s easy to say, but it’s very difficult to do, because many women have unconsciously done a lot of behaviors that damage the ovaries in their lives, and they don’t know it.

Suddenly found that the skin quality is not good, or menstrual disorders appear, there is no doubt that this must be a threat to the health of the ovaries. Next, share some bad behaviors that harm the health of the ovaries, and hope that all women can change them or encourage them.

Stay away from the four bad habits and protect the ovary from the source Health

1. Stay away from staying up late

No matter how important the work is, women are also requested to arrange their time reasonably, instead of using work as an excuse to wantonly overdraw their health. Staying up late is the biggest cause of ovarian damage in many women, because the damage to the body caused by staying up late is not only the oily skin on the surface, but more internal damage.

Once staying up late, women will experience varying degrees of physical discomfort. In the final analysis, it is still because staying up late affects the body’s endocrine, which affects ovarian function. Moreover, the harm of staying up late will slowly accumulate in the body, just like a snowball, getting bigger and bigger.

2. Stay away from sedentary< /span>

I don’t know if it’s because women nowadays like to be lazy, or because the pressure of life and work is really too great. Whenever they have free time, they Will slump on the sofa. Sitting for a long time will not only affect the figure, making the lower body fatter, but also affect the ovaries.

Imagine this: If you maintain a sedentary posture for a long time, the circulation ability of the entire lower body will be affected, and the ovaries will naturally not be able to absorb more nutrients. After a long time, there will definitely be a decline in function, especially for obese women, who are more prone to problems.

3. Stay away from the cold

It is undeniable that cold drinks or food taste particularly refreshing. Whether it’s hot and irritating summer or winter with the heating on, cold food is the most attractive. But for women, the coldness is the biggest hidden danger. Women who already have a cold palace are simply joking about their health.

When these cold foods enter the body, it is prone to excessive moisture, which can induce a series of health risks. If possible, I still hope that women will keep their mouths shut and not eat cold things. Especially in autumn and winter, we must do a good job of keeping the abdomen warm.

4. Stay away from health hazards

Ovarian problems of many women are caused by If you don’t pay attention to hygiene, the position of your own private parts is rather embarrassing, and it is always in a relatively humid environment, which is easy to breed bacteria. If you don’t pay attention to hygiene, you will definitely be invaded by viruses and bacteria, which will harm your health.

So, women must pay attention to the hygiene of private parts. In addition to changing underwear every day, they should also pay more attention to local cleaning. When necessary, you can choose a suitable personal care product under the advice of a professional physician. Only by paying attention to the health of private parts can we stay away from gynecological problems.

Written at the end: In fact, caring for ovarian health is to delay aging and keep women in the best condition forever. How can you not be happy if you are not troubled by disease or appearance?