Can hpv be checked without going to the hospital? Top 7 Women’s Self-Testing Products for Peeling!

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As more and more women begin to pay attention to gynecological health, many businesses have launched a number of women’s self-examination products under the slogan of “early screening, more peace of mind” >. There are indeed such a group of girls, who are busy with work and have no time to go to the hospital, or have a fear of the hospital in their hearts and a sense of shame about gynecological diseases, so using self-test products has become a logical choice.

So, can we rely on readily available self-test products for health testing? Ayue has selected several products that readers and friends often ask about, and they are also very common self-checking products for women on the market. Today, let’s take a look!

pH Self-Test Pads

We have said many times about the pH value of the yin tract. Lactobacillus will maintain the pH value of the yin tract at around 4.5. Within this range, the yin tract microenvironment It can maintain balance and control the growth of some bacterial groups well. For example, Candida albicans, which causes fungal yin tract inflammation, is suitable for its growth environment with a pH value of about 5.5. If the yin tract pH value changes significantly, it may cause an imbalance of flora, resulting in the occurrence of gynecological inflammation.

This makes many girls start to wonder if their pH is within a healthy range, and if they experience some discomfort in their private parts, they also begin to wonder if the pH has changed. In such worries and entanglements , and finally choose to buy a pH value self-test pad to test.

When Ah Yue opened Taobao and searched for “pH Self-Checking Pads”, I didn’t expect that the Snow Lotus Paste that we had popularized before was also named Listed among them, friends who want to know about Xuelian posts, you can click to view the old articles. After that, a self-inspection pad imported from Australia with monthly sales of 600+ came into view. The product details page introduced that this pad is a pad for gynecological problems, which can be used daily and can be warned at any time.

The method of use is very simple, just like ordinary pads, just stick it on the underwear, but it has an additional function of pH value detection. According to the introduction, when the secretion remains on the pad, you can take out the yellow safety reminder strip on the observation pad. If the core strip turns blue-green/blue-purple/blue-gray, it means there is a safety risk .

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Simply put, the self-test pad is like a large pH test strip…

Actually, It is unscientific to judge whether the yin tract is healthy or not by testing the pH value, it is only a reference for inflammation. Moreover, the substances remaining on the pads, in addition to yin tract secretions, will also contain urine, sweat and other components, not only that, but also affected by factors such as intercourse and lotion cleaning.

But when I clicked on the 4000+ reviews, many young ladies and sisters really said that they are good. How is it good? Here’s what one girl said: “It feels pretty accurate, about as good as I guessed”…

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Girls, whether we have a disease or not, we can’t rely on “guessing” to diagnose it, or responsible for myself.

In the product evaluation, many young ladies expressed embarrassment to go to the hospital. Every time we see such remarks, we feel that the road to science popularization is still very long, and everyone’s understanding of gynecology knowledge is still very low. Not enough, too many misunderstandings about these diseases.

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This also makes Ah Yue understand why a product with so many uncertainties has such a high sales volume.

But I still have to remind the girls that it is not a shameful problem to have gynecological diseases. Even if you don’t have sex, you will have yin inflammation. This does not mean anything. Hospitals are a normal thing. Because this is a private part of the disease, you can’t put a “shame” hat on it, but you should put your health first.

Yin inflammation test card

Inflammation test card, the name seems to be more direct than the pH value self-test pad, claiming that it can detect multiple types of yinitis at one time, including bacterial, fungal, trichomoniasis , non-specific yin tract inflammation.

Product includes test kit, diluent, dropper, and a single-use sampling swab.

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The approximate usage is to use the sampling swab to extend into the yin channel 4~5cm, rotate the sampling, and then put the sampled swab into the specimen tube containing the diluent, and turn it hard. Make the collected contaminants completely fall off, and then use a dropper to suck up the sample diluent, drop it into all reaction wells, drop the color developing solution into the SNA well, and drop the stop solution into the NAG well, and then drop the solution in half a minute. Or observe the reaction result within 1 minute.

Sounds complicated, you can look directly at the image below:

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Compared with the self-inspection pad above, this one seems to be more rigorous. It samples the yin channel directly, and girls who have undergone gynecological examination should be able to get it. The manual also clearly states that the dry chemical enzyme technology is used to detect the hydrogen peroxide concentration, leukocyte esterase, sialidase, proline aminopeptidase and acetylglucosamine in yin tract secretions. The activity of glucosidase, combined with pH value, attempts to distinguish bacterial, candida, trichomonas and other unexplained yin tract inflammations, and the literature shows that the effect is good.

However, we do not advise to judge the condition directly based on the test card results. It is still necessary to combine professional equipment and be diagnosed and judged by a doctor. If conditions do not allow, test cards can be used as a means of disease screening.

In addition, in the face of a sampling swab of more than ten centimeters in length, it is also a question mark how many people can do it and successfully practice it. Looking at this Instagram-filled photo, Ayue fell into contemplation…

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Syphilis, AIDS, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C quadruple test

When it comes to infectious diseases, everyone can’t avoid it, but the virus always hides where we can’t find it, and it seems that it may invade our body at any time.

But in fact, the high-risk routes of infectious diseases are only: sexual transmission, blood transmission, mother-to-child transmission, kissing/clothing/towel, and AIDS, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C are not It can be spread by kissing/clothing/towel, so don’t panic.

If there is a simple and convenient way to detect it in time and treat it early, it can help many patients.

Due to the latent nature of these infectious diseases, such test kits typically require multiple uses. As for how to use it, you still have to be “ruthless” to yourself. You need to use the blood collection needle that comes with the product to prick your finger and squeeze the blood, then suck it up with a straw, drop it into the sample hole, and then drop 1-2 drops at the same time. Drop the diluent and observe the results within 15 minutes.

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The core principle is: Antibody, antigen specific binding, if there is a disease antibody in the blood, it will bind to the antigen on the kit, thus indicating a positive result, Negative if not.

But Ah Yue observed that there are different versions of “serum, plasma samples” and “whole blood samples” in the operation method. I believe many friends will be confused when they see this. 3. According to the instructions for use, the content of the diluent added dropwise during the test is also different. It is unknown whether this will affect the test results. So Ah Yue talked to the customer service privately with curiosity, but the answer she got was:

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Before this, Ah Yue also asked if she didn’t know how to distinguish serum, plasma and whole blood, what was squeezed out by puncturing her finger, and whether it was necessary to make a distinction to make the results more accurate, customer service The inexplicable two words “blood collection” were replied, and the title of “pharmacist” was hung, but there was no way to give a reasonable explanation. Of course, we are not sure whether there is any misunderstanding in the communication.

(Explain here: Whole blood refers to the mixture of blood collected from the human body in the collection bag and formed, including all components such as blood cells and plasma;< strong>Plasma is relatively complex in composition, mainly including inorganic salts, metabolic wastes, lipids, proteins, sugars, amino acids and a large amount of water. serum refers to the concentration of plasma after blood coagulation. The light yellow transparent liquid separated from the fibrinogen and some coagulation factors, or the plasma from which the fibrinogen has been removed.)

It can be seen that the components of serum, plasma and whole blood are not the same. If there are strict requirements, such testing tools are indeed not suitable for self-testing.

Simple operation and convenience of such a product is indeed an advantage, but it can only be used as a reference for preliminary screening. After all, many factors can lead to false positive or inaccurate self-test results. .

For example, when syphilis is diagnosed clinically, serological test results must be combined with the patient’s epidemiological history and clinical manifestations to be comprehensively judged, and if necessary, further follow-up can be carried out Diagnose or rule out infection.

Looking through the product reviews, a friend said: I searched the Internet because of a pimple on my neck. The Internet said that I might have a sexually transmitted disease, so I bought it for testing…


It’s already 2022, so I don’t want to “search for the disease on the Internet”. If you are really worried or suspicious, you should go to the hospital for a regular checkup to eliminate your worries. , If there is any problem, it can avoid delaying the treatment.

HPV Self-Test Kit

HPV virus is the main culprit of cervical cancer, and it will spread during sexual life. Currently, there is no specific medicine. Only regular screening can be used to monitor the infection of HPV virus and prevent early lesions.

The HPV self-test kit selected this time is Papanicolaou staining solution, the main components are acetic acid, folic acid, etc. Apply a large cotton swab on the surface of the cervix for 5 circles, and then press firmly on the external os of the cervix for 10 seconds, take it out and observe the color.

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If the swab is not discolored or light green, it means that there are no diseased cells; if the swab turns blue, dark green, or black, it indicates that there may be abnormal lesions and further testing is required.

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But we all know that HPV is divided into many subtypes. Usually, in clinical practice, after sampling, it will be sent to pathology for typing examination. At the same time, TCT results will be referred to to determine whether yin endoscopy is necessary. Assess the cervix for suspicious lesions.

And there are many types ofSelf-test products are not sensitive to typing detection without lesions, that is to say, if you are really infected with HPV, you cannot know which subtype you are infected with, whether it is low-risk or high-risk, and it is possible False positive results can occur due to chronic inflammation and other reasons.

In addition, it is also very important that in clinical testing, the doctor will use the yin speculum to open the yin canal to fully expose the cervix and take samples, and use self-test productsSelf-sampling is difficult to collect samples from the cervix. Therefore, the results obtained using the HPV self-test kit are not accurate.

Cervical lesions should not be underestimated, but don’t rely too much on self-examination products.

Fecal occult blood test strips

Although it is called fecal occult blood, it is not caused by a problem such as hemorrhoids, but rather a manifestation of gastrointestinal bleeding.

Digestive tract bleeding may be caused by peptic ulcers, intestinal polyps, etc. in light cases, and gastric cancer, colon cancer, etc. in serious cases. There are some fecal occult blood that is difficult to detect with the human eye.

The fecal occult blood test strip is collected by collecting fecal samples, fully mixing it with the diluent (there is a picture), and then dripping it onto the test card.

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If the result is positive, it means that the hemoglobin concentration in the stool is 100ng/mL or more, and there are symptoms of fecal occult blood; if it is negative, the hemoglobin concentration is below 100ng/mL , there is no occult blood in the stool.

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At present, most of the household fecal occult blood test strips use the tetramethylbenzidine method. The advantages are that the results are displayed quickly, clearly, and with good sensitivity. It is a good choice as a screening tool.

2018 Expert Consensus on Strategies for Early Diagnosis and Screening of Colorectal Cancer in China” pointed out that fecal occult blood detection is currently the most widely used early diagnosis and screening technology for colorectal cancer. The recommended screening frequency for fecal occult blood testing is: once a year, twice a year (two consecutive tests within a week), the results are more accurate.

But this is just a guideline, Bleeding from hemorrhoids or anal tear may affect the results of the self-test. It is still recommended that if everyone has a need for testing, it is preferred to go to the hospital for a professional examination, and even if it is positive, it must be combined with the medical history and gastroenteroscopy to make sense.

Helicobacter pylori test strips

Helicobacter pylori, as we have said many times, is one of the most common chronic infectious bacteria and is listed by WHO as a group 1 carcinogen of gastric cancer >. When infected, it is easy to cause gastritis and gastric ulcer, and there will be upper abdominal pain and discomfort; easy to feel full; nausea and vomiting; heavy breath and other symptoms. Because of this, people often avoid Helicobacter pylori when they mention it.

But the cunning H. pylori spreads orally, fecally, etc., which is when a person eats an infected person directly or indirectly saliva; fecal mouth refers to an item contaminated with the feces of an infected person, which was eaten after being touched by another person without paying attention to hand hygiene.

As a result, many friends begin to wonder if they are infected with Helicobacter pylori as long as they have an upset stomach, but in fact adults are far less likely to be infected with Helicobacter pylori than children strong>.

Speaking back to the Helicobacter pylori test paper, it is collected by collecting “fresh” tartar that has not been brushed in the morning, and smearing it on the test paper. The red and yellow colors on the test paper are compared, and red is positive. , yellow is negative. However, in fact, the number of Helicobacter pylori in the oral cavity of adults is limited, and even if the oral test is positive, it does not mean that the bacteria entering the stomach is still active, so this is not enough as a test reference, false positives and false negatives are very high.

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In the product evaluation, many sisters said that it was useless at all. The test paper showed that Helicobacter pylori was positive, but it was negative when they went to the hospital for examination; some sisters tested negative several times, but the result was negative. Went to the hospital and tested positive.

Although it is more convenient than blowing, and the price is not expensive, buy 5 and get 1 free, but if you need to go to the hospital to verify after the test, and the result is different from the regular test, then you can buy it back Not necessarily.

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Usually, No symptoms do not require routine testing. The more common diagnostic method is the C13 breath test, which is the one we inhale during the physical examination. Other methods include stool antigen detection and serum antibody detection. The detection of H. pylori by tartar has not been proven to be useful in the literature and data.

If you are really worried that you will inadvertently contract Helicobacter pylori, here are a few tips for you:

① Prepare everyone’s fixed tableware at home, prepare public chopsticks and spoons when eating, and avoid using other people’s water cups and plates; you can also ask the waiter to prepare public dishes when you go out to eat. chopsticks, spoon.

② Pay attention to hygiene. When you come home from contact with external objects or work for a day, wash your hands first; wash your hands before meals and after defecation.

③ Avoid eating raw water, such as water from rivers, streams, and pools.

Urine test strips

Urine routine is one of the three routine clinical examination items. Urine contains many human metabolites and other active substances, which can reflect the metabolic status of the body and can also be used as a reference for certain kidney diseases, urinary tract diseases, etc..

The urine routine test strip we are going to talk about today is said to be able to detect 14 indicators, and the operation method is also very simple, that is, use the self-contained urine cup to take half a cup of urine in the middle section, and completely cover the test area on the test strip. Soak it in the urine, take it out and let it stand for 1 minute, compare the color of the color card to judge whether the urine is healthy.

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Experiments have shown that the test strip method is also a commonly used method for urine testing. It is convenient to operate and has high test sensitivity, but many factors will affect its test results strong>, for example: the material is not cleaned effectively, the specimen is impure, bacterial interference, etc. Therefore, it cannot be used as a single diagnostic standard and can be used as a reference for initial screening.

Okay, having said so much, these self-test products will naturally appear when there is a market. Some products can indeed be used as a preliminary screening to help us get a preliminary understanding of our physical condition, but the Weak reliability, even if the inspection indicates abnormality, it is still necessary to go to the hospital for inspection and diagnosis, and the conclusion of the self-test product cannot and cannot be directly trusted.

Therefore, if you feel uncomfortable, don’t blindly rely on self-testing products, test yourself to make a conclusion, or go to the hospital for a formal examination and treatment.

Of course, from the perspectives of convenience, simplicity and privacy, we can still look forward to more accurate and effective self-testing products. We can learn more about and screen our own health before going to the hospital.

If you know other self-checking products and are curious about their function, you can tell us in the message area, and if you save enough, we will do the next issue!

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