Can drinking brown sugar supplement iron?

Brown sugar, also known as sugar cane finished sugar, is sugar with honey formed by extracting juice and concentrating sugar cane. It has high nutritional value, in addition to the function of sugar, it also contains vitamins and trace elements, such as iron, zinc, manganese, chromium and so on. But how does it work with iron supplements?

The Adequate Daily Intake (AI) of dietary iron for Chinese residents formulated by the Chinese Nutrition Society in 2000 is 15 mg for adult males, 20 mg for adult females, and 25-35 mg for pregnant women and nursing mothers, respectively. and 25 mg; the tolerable maximum daily intake (UL) is 50 mg for both men and women. But the iron content of brown sugar is only 2.2 mg/100 g.

Iron is generally divided into heme iron and non-heme iron. Heme iron is easily absorbed by the human body and mainly exists in animal red meat and liver blood. Non-heme iron is mainly found in plants. In sexual foods, it must be separated from other organic parts and reduced to ferrous ions before they can be absorbed. The iron in brown sugar belongs to this non-heme iron that is not easily absorbed.

So, iron supplementation through brown sugar is negligible, and iron supplementation through animal foods is recommended. Pork liver contains 31.1 mg of iron per 100 grams, beef contains 3.2 mg per 100 grams, and pork contains 3.4 mg per 100 grams. Animal foods are not only highly absorbed, but also rich in content, making them an excellent choice for iron supplementation.

The author of this issue: Song Yu

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