Calcium supplementation for the elderly, the more supplement the more calcium deficiency? Remember a time, four small things, calcium supplementation is more efficient

After people enter the age of 40, the loss of calcium is accelerated. If the required amount of calcium in the blood is not replenished in time, the blood will precipitate calcium from our bones, resulting in osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis is very common among the elderly, and it causes great harm. Many elderly people suffer from severe osteoporosis and their bones are broken and unable to move when they fall lightly, which greatly reduces the quality of life. Therefore, the elderly should pay special attention to calcium supplementation.

Calcium supplementation is not yours Calcium There is calcium in the body. Many elderly people supplement calcium every day, but still lack calcium. It may be that the way of calcium supplementation is wrong. The wrong calcium supplement method may be useless, and the correct calcium supplement may achieve twice the result with half the effort, so the calcium supplement method is very important. Calcium supplementation is best at this time

Our body has its own “biological clock”, with fixed rest time, fixed metabolic time and fixed the absorption time. Supplementing calcium when the body absorbs it best can get twice the result with half the effort. Some people say that calcium supplementation before going to bed has the best effect, but some people say that calcium supplementation before going to bed can easily increase the risk of urinary tract stones, so when is the best time to supplement calcium? In fact, calcium supplementation is generally best 30 minutes to 1 hour after a meal.

Many people say that it is better to supplement calcium before going to bed because the human body will expedite the elimination of old bones around 3 o’clock in the morning At this time, the body needs the participation of calcium most. In order to ensure sufficient calcium in the body, it is necessary to supplement calcium before going to bed.

But in fact, the best time for calcium supplementation at night is 4-5 hours before going to bed, if you don’t eat dinner very late , For example, eat dinner regularly at around 6 pm, then it is best for everyone to supplement calcium half an hour to 1 hour after dinner.

If you are used to eating late at night, for example after 10 o’clock, it is not recommended to eat after dinner at this time Calcium supplement. Because the calcium in the dinner food, in addition to being absorbed by the small intestine of the body, part of it will be excreted from the urinary system of the human body. If the calcium is supplemented too late, the urine will stay in the urinary tract at night, which may increase people’s symptoms. Chance of urolithiasis.

These four small things are very important for calcium supplementation, and the elderly should keep them in mind!

For calcium supplementation, it is best to suggest that you supplement calcium through food, as long as you take in enough calcium from food, from the perspective of nutrition From a perspective, there is no need for additional calcium supplementation. But if your daily diet is relatively simple and the amount of calcium you get from food is insufficient, you need to supplement calcium through calcium supplements. These four small things are very important for calcium supplementation, and the elderly should keep them in mind!

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1. People with less stomach acid can choose “organic acid Calcium”

When many elderly people get older, the secretion of gastric acid will decrease, and their ability to digest food will also weaken. Especially for some elderly friends with atrophic gastritis, the secretion of gastric acid may be less. If you have the problem of less gastric acid secretion, it is recommended to use calcium citrate and other organic acid calcium supplements. This type of calcium supplement does not require a lot of gastric acid to participate but can still be well dissolved and absorbed.

2. Do not exceed this amount of calcium supplement

The main component of calcium supplements is calcification. Normal people can only absorb 30% to 40% of calcification, and the rest of the calcium that cannot be absorbed will be excreted through metabolism. If people supplement excessive calcium, the calcium metabolized by the human body may be deposited in the urinary tract, kidneys, etc., causing stone problems.

Therefore, more calcium supplements are not always better, we must pay attention to the amount. The upper limit of calcium that the human body can bear a day is 2000 mg. If people supplement calcium beyond this upper limit, the body’s absorption rate of calcium will decrease instead, and various health problems may also be caused.

3. Pay attention to this ingredient in food

There will also be a calcium “nemesis” in the food we eat every day, that is oxalic acid. Oxalic acid will react with the calcium supplemented by people to form calcium oxalate, resulting in the inability of calcium to be absorbed by the body.

So which foods contain oxalic acid? Common ones include spinach, amaranth, edamame, wild rice stem, etc. If you are supplementing calcium and encounter these foods, it is recommended that you blanch them with boiling water before cooking, which can greatly reduce the oxalic acid content in the food.

4. Calcium supplementation should be combined with “it”

Calcium supplementation means eating some calcium-containing food every day. Is it over after taking some calcium tablets? wrong! This is why many elderly people are still calcium deficient despite calcium supplementation every day. Calcium is not easily absorbed by the body. If we want the calcium we eat every day to be absorbed and utilized by the body to the maximum extent, we need everyone to pay attention to supplementing vitamin D, protein and exercising more.

Calcium can only be absorbed by the body when combined with vitamin D Absorption. The way to supplement vitamin D is to expose yourself to the sun more, followed by the right amount of food such as cod liver oil and animal liver. Protein also helps calcium absorption, because protein will be decomposed into amino acids after entering the human body, and amino acids can react with calcium Calcium salts are formed, and calcium salts are easily absorbed by the body. The main sources of high-quality protein are white meat foods such as eggs, fish, and chicken.


Exercise can increase the body’s ability to absorb calcium, strengthen bones, and is also essential for calcium supplementation. Old people can choose sports that suit them according to their physical conditions. Calcium supplements are not only milk, these foods Also an expert in calcium supplementation

Milk is the easiest source of calcium in food, but many elderly people are lactose intolerant due to weakened gastrointestinal absorption The problem is that drinking milk does not absorb and has diarrhea.

Therefore, it is recommended that you can supplement calcium by eating some other foods with high calcium content. Foods high in calcium in our daily life include yogurt, sesame, lettuce, cabbage, nuts, oats, kidney beans, celery, kale, etc.