“Boiled water to flush eggs” dripping sesame oil, insist on drinking, what will happen to the body? The director of the gastroenterology department tells the truth

Eggs are one of the regular ingredients on the dining table. Basically, eggs can be seen on the dining table of every household. Many office workers and The student party even takes eggs as a necessity for breakfast, which is nutritious and delicious.

It is too late to make breakfast in the morning, so eating two boiled eggs directly can supplement the body with high-quality protein, and can also provide amino acids, trace elements, minerals Material elements and other nutrients to maintain a healthy body.

Li Lanjuan Hospital, a Chinese liver disease expert, once said that breakfast is the golden time to maintain the liver, and breakfast is very important to the human body .

If the time in the morning is tight and there is no time to make breakfast, it is recommended that you drink a bowl of boiled water to make eggs, and insist on Drinking for a period of time may be able to bring some new changes to the body.


“Boiled water to flush eggs” dripping sesame oil, insist on drinking, what will happen to the body? Gastroenterology chief speaks the truth

1. Improve your vision p>

Eggs are rich in zeaxanthin and lutein, which can enhance the antioxidant capacity of cells and tissues, and prevent yellow spots and wrinkles.

Drinking a bowl of boiled eggs properly can improve cataracts, prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and chronic diseases, and activate people’s body immunity with resistance.

On the other hand, the nutrients rich in eggs can effectively protect the eyes, absorb strong ultraviolet rays, and often look at the computer or It is a good choice for people who use too much eyes and helps relieve symptoms of dry eyes and fatigue.

2. Improve constipation

at After getting up in the morning, drink a bowl of boiled water to wash eggs, which can have a good auxiliary effect on constipation. The cooking method of boiling water to wash eggs helps to speed up the peristalsis of the stomach, promote absorption and digestion, and will not cause digestive burden after entering the stomach.

Drinking a bowl of boiled water infusion cake in the morning will help to expel the stool and relieve the difficulty of constipation. It is better if you add two drops of sesame oil. It lubricates the intestines and promotes the excretion of feces and metabolites.

3. Helps to clear heat and relieve cough

< span>Especially for middle-aged and elderly people, their physical fitness is relatively weak, and the weather in spring is relatively dry and hot and windy.

You might as well drink a bowl of boiled water to wash the eggs, and then put two drops of sesame oil on it, which can effectively remove the anger in the body, and play a role in relieving cough and phlegm .

If the child has a cough because of the simple reason of getting angry, you can also drink some boiled water to make the eggs, and make sure that there is enough hot water When the heat reaches the boiling point, it can effectively kill the bacteria and microorganisms in the eggs and prevent gastrointestinal damage.

4. Nourish the liver

The liver is an internal organ, It is the biggest metabolic and decomposition burden of the human body, which helps to solve problems for the body. Only with a strong liver function will the human body develop more healthily. To maintain the liver, you can drink a bowl of boiled water to make eggs every morning, and stick to it for 1 to 2 months. Over time, liver function may need to be improved.

This is mainly due to the high-quality protein rich in eggs, which can effectively repair damaged liver cells, improve the vitality and regeneration of liver cells, decompose lecithin and amino acids, and effectively protect liver function.

5. High-quality protein supplements for the body

The most effective way to eat eggs is to supplement the body with high-quality protein, improve immunity and resistance, and strengthen people’s physical fitness.

Gastroenterologists once said that eggs are rich in high-quality protein. For a normal adult, eat two eggs every morning , which can meet the needs of protein and other nutrients for one day.

In another aspect, it can be analyzed to improve the activity of human immune cells and immune substances. , enhance resistance and immunity, and avoid the invasion of external viruses and bacteria.

Therefore, when it’s too late to make breakfast in the morning, you might as well drink a bowl of boiled water to make eggs, which will more effectively replenish energy for your body , has a refreshing effect, and can also strengthen the body’s immune function and resistance, and strengthen the body.


Eggs may be washed with boiling water Good, but pay attention to a few issues

1. People with underlying diseases are not recommended to use boiled water Make eggs

Especially for people with some underlying diseases, including liver cirrhosis, cerebral hepatitis, hepatitis, etc. For people with the disease, these patients have a relatively long tolerance to protein metabolism. If they drink boiled water to make eggs for a long time, it will cause some harmful damage to liver cells and aggravate the development of the disease.

2. Ask for fresh, high-quality eggs

< span>When picking eggs in the market, you can shake the eggs gently by your ears. If you can hardly hear the sound in comparison times, it means that the eggs are fresher.

On the contrary, if you hear liquid in the egg when shaking, and then shake again and again, it is not recommended to buy it, this is likely to be the storage time of the egg Too long and not new.

3. Rinse eggs with boiling water

If the water temperature is not high enough when rinsing the eggs with boiling water, the eggs may not be cooked, and the avidin and antitrypsin in the undercooked eggs will not be completely decomposed.

It can even infect the body with other bacteria and viruses, especially Salmonella, which are highly infectious and cause certain damage to the gastric mucosa. .


Reading Extension: Boiling Water What is the correct way to make eggs?

Choose a fresh egg, some hot water, a little sesame oil< /p>

1. First clean the shell of the egg, then put the egg in boiling water for immersion and wait for about 10 minutes .

2. Put the rinsed eggs in the container and stir evenly, stir in one direction, and then pour an appropriate amount of boiling water Soak it for sterilization and disinfection.

3. In order to ensure that the eggs are really scalded, after pouring boiling water, try to put The lid is simmered, and the moisture must reach 100 degrees. When the temperature of the boiling water to wash the eggs drops to about 60 degrees, add a few drops of sesame oil and stir to eat.

To sum up, more than 60% of people in their lives have no time to eat breakfast because they are too busy in the morning. If they feel hungry, they will choose to take some bread and milk for breakfast.

In this case, it is recommended that you use hot water to make eggs, which can alleviate the damage caused by skipping breakfast to the human body, and effectively relieve gastrointestinal and stomach pains. Avoid loss of organ tissue and cell metabolism power.

However, when using boiling water to wash eggs, you must use the correct method to avoid improper methods or It is the egg that is not yet ripe, giving the body some safety hazards.

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