Blindly Chinese medicine, strengthening Yuanyang, vital energy, raising Yang, benefiting husband’s Yang, warming spleen and stomach, calming cold and asthma

As the saying goes, “Eat radishes in winter and ginger in summer”, this sentence reflects the health preservation of the four seasons, but this is a large range, and some people or say a A large number of people are exceptions, and this sentence cannot be used mechanically. For example, people with real heat and Zhengsheng are not suitable for eating ginger, no matter what season it is.

The reason is to take into account deficiency and excess, cold and heat, etc. Factors, the two sentences “replenish it when it is deficient, and purify it when it is real”, “warm it when it is cold, and cool it when it is hot” correspond to the health-preserving ideas of deficiency, excess, cold and heat. There are still relatively many people.

“Cold” can also be divided into deficiency and excess, and deficiency and cold are mostly Because the yang of the viscera is weak, especially the kidney; the excess cold is mostly caused by feeling the cold outside.

There are many ways to get rid of coldness in Chinese medicine culture .

The medicine to be introduced today warms the spleen The kidney dispels the coldness in the waist, removes the coldness in the spleen and stomach, calms the asthma caused by deficiency and coldness, and strengthens the Yuanyang, strengthens the essence, raises the Yang, especially the Yang of the husband, and can also maintain the appearance.

This thing is Psoralen< /span>, is the mature fruit of the herbaceous plant psoraleae, and it also has aliases such as leek, black Guzi, Huguzi, Poguzhi, Jiguzi, etc. Although it is named after psoralen, it is in ancient books Even some modern books still write broken papers, which needs attention.

There are some books in history that people used very early Psoraleae has been recorded for health preservation, but there has been no detailed description of it in any book on herbal medicine. It was not described for the first time in “Medical Materia Medica” written by Zhen Quan in the Tang Dynasty.

“Medical Materia Medica” mentions that “the main pain in the waist, the cold in the knees, and the cold and stubborn arthralgia”;

“Kaibao Materia Medica” records that “mainly five labors and seven injuries, wind deficiency and cold, bone marrow injury, kidney cold and semen flow”;

< p data-track="18">“Compendium of Materia Medica” is summarized as “the main kidney vents, the gate of life, warms the dantian, and restrains the spirit”;

< p data-track="19">“Jade Catalpa Drug Solution” supplements it with “warming the spleen and kidney, digesting food, and promoting the spleen and stomach”;

Psoralen is added in “Yi Lin Xu Yao” to “maintain asthma and cough due to deficiency and cold”.

Through the further efforts of many scholars, the health-preserving function of psoraleae was summarized as “invigorating the kidney and strengthening essence, warming the spleen and stopping diarrhea”, and in the actual health-preserving In the process, the meaning of “kidney benefit” is very broad, so the actual health benefits and methods of psoraleae can be divided into four categories.

1. Using psoralen to keep in good health can nourish kidney qi and solidify essence qi.

Psoraleae can “open the gate of life and warm the dantian” and has the function of nourishing kidney qi , Unify the power of kidney qi, and then achieve the purpose of “consolidating essence qi”. Therefore, many sub-health related to kidney qi and essence qi can be used for health preservation with psoralen.

If the essence is weak and “slippery, “Psoralen can also be used for the weakening of certain specific functions of men, but it is relatively mild in nourishing the yang in the kidney, so it can be partnered with other health-preserving things. For example, in the “Three Yin Prescriptions”, it is mentioned that psoraleae and green salt are fried together and eaten at the end, which is suitable for sub-healthy people who slip out of the invisible essence in their sleep; if the invisible essence often “comes out uninvited”, then Use psoraleae together with dodder, dogwood, morinda officinalis, eucommia and shayuanzi to enhance the power of solidification.

If it is a man who cannot “persist” in certain things , which belongs to the deficiency of essence in the kidney, you can use psoraleae, dodder, walnut meat and agarwood to boil water and drink;

If you are a person with weak yang, you can use it together with Xianlingpi, Eucommia, Cistanche, rehmannia glutinosa and medlar. gas.

If children or the elderly often urinate frequently, If you go to the toilet frequently, or even wet the bed at night, you can also use psoralen to keep in good health. Because the kidney is in charge of sealing and opening and closing the essence gate, the amount or frequency of urination and even the control are related to the kidney. This group of people can use psoralen alone to warm the kidney, The benefit of “reducing stool” is better if it is used with yam;

If the kidney qi is deficient and cold, you can use psoralen and fennel, grind it and mix it with wine;

If the kidney cold is more obvious, you need to use psoraleae, mulberry octopus, raspberry, dodder, and dogwood to achieve the effect of nourishing the kidney and reducing urine Health goal;

If the kidney qi is insufficient and the frequency of urination More, dripping endlessly, you can use equal parts of psoralen and Yizhi kernel, stir fry with salt and eat a little every morning.

Second, using psoralen to maintain health can preserve the appearance.

Young people have smooth and elastic skin, black and bright hair and other signs of youth It is an external manifestation of sufficient essence in the kidney. Of course, it also has the contribution of other viscera, qi and blood, but the root is the kidney essence. merit.

There are three such health preservation methods commonly used by the ancients, one It is to soak psoralen in wine for a period of time, take it out and fry it with pockmarked seeds. After frying, only psoralen is left. After grinding, eat 2 grams each time, which can resist aging.

The second method is from “Compendium of Materia Medica”, The book mentions a set of methods named “Seven Treasures Beauty Temple”, which uses psoraleae together with liver and kidney nourishing, essence and blood preparations such as fleece-flower root, wolfberry, angelica, and dodder, which are suitable for people who are prematurely aging.

The third method is to use psoralen 12, The compatibility method of Polygonum multiflorum 12, Ligustrum lucidum 15, Cuscuta 15 and Eclipta 12, this method can nourish the liver and kidney and prolong life, but it needs to be used consistently.

Three, Using psoralen to keep in good health can warm the spleen.

“Ben Cao Jing Shu” mentioned that “Psoralen can warm the kidney, Generating yang is the key to strengthening the fire and benefiting the spleen.” The root of the yang of the spleen lies in the kidney, so psoralen warming the kidney can warm the spleen and stomach, promote the transformation and absorption of the spleen, and reduce its water dampness. In practical application The two kinds of sub-health, “Wugeng diarrhea” and “Jiuxie”, are particularly suitable.

“Wu Geng Xie” is a noun of traditional Chinese medicine culture. It means that every morning when I wake up, I am in a hurry to go to the toilet, and the stool is thin, and everything is normal at other times. The reason is explained in “Jingyue Quanshu”. Yin and cold predominate, so after the fifth watch of Zi Chou’s time, when the yang qi has not recovered, causing it to flourish, it will make people feel unstoppable.”

Psoralen can nourish the fire of the gate of life, and It can benefit the spleen and stomach, and use it to stop diarrhea. You can use psoralen 15, schisandra 6, nutmeg 6, and evodia 6. These are the “four gods” mentioned in “Criteria for Syndrome and Treatment”.

If psoralen 15 and aconite 10, dogwood 3. Combined with Codonopsis 15, Yam 15, Poria 15, and Chicken Gold 6, which nourish the spleen and stomach, it will have a stronger effect of warming the spleen and kidney, astringent and antidiarrheal.

If the yang of spleen and kidney is insufficient, over time it will become yin Cold and dampness are contained in the interior, so it is easy to have sub-health of prolonged ejaculation. Use psoralen together with velvet antler and cistanche to warm the fire of vital energy; add Kezi, nutmeg, red stone fat, oyster and other astringent Things are better.

Fourth, using psoraleae for health preservation can relieve qi and relieve asthma.

The kidney governs the intake of qi, which means to keep breathing at a certain depth , if the kidney does not accept Qi or this aspect is weakened, it is easy to suffer from deficiency and asthma.

Psoralen nourishes kidney qi to achieve Na Qi concentration wheezing effect.

If the yang in the kidney is insufficient, the kidney is not satisfied Qi, resulting in phlegm in the chest, shortness of breath, and cold hands and feet. For health preservation, psoraleae can be used to fight poison and warm the body with aconite, as well as fenugreek and cinnamon.

If the elderly have such sub-health, change it Use relatively mild health-preserving foods, such as Psoralen 12, Astragalus 12, Codonopsis 15, Atractylodes macrocephala 12, and Poria cocos 12, to invigorate the spleen, replenish qi and consolidate the surface, and then add tangerine peel 9 and pinellia 12 to dry dampness and reduce phlegm.

The characteristic of psoralen is “dryness helps fire Therefore, “Materia Medica” clearly states that “people with yin deficiency and fire, short red urine, red eyes, bitter mouth, dry tongue, dry stool, internal heat and thirst, excess heat” should not use it for health preservation; and then there is psoralen It is advisable to use 6 to 15 grams, and it is not suitable to use more.

Psoralen is a good thing for health, it is both It can nourish and warm the kidneys. It is suitable for part of the health regimen. In fact, all health regimens, including ginseng and snow lotus, are the same. Choosing the health regimen that suits you is really for your health. If you follow the trend of others, then It is “self-righteous health preservation”.