Better than the weather forecast? Why is “old cold leg” so magical? You will understand after reading it

During this period of time, the invasion of cold air caused many areas to enter the “quick freezing mode”, and this drop in temperature caught many people off guard, as if yesterday was still in autumn, but today Entering winter, in this case, many people choose to search for long johns from boxes and cabinets.

Actually, for many older friends, the drop in temperature may be predicted in advance because of the condition of their legs Probably better than the weather forecast. The reason why it is so amazing is that many people suffer from “old cold legs”. When many people hear the name “old cold legs”, they will subconsciously think that it is a disease caused by freezing, but in fact, this kind of cognition is not comprehensive. About “old cold legs”, these common senses need to be understood.

1. Are the old cold legs frozen out?

In the subconscious of many people, they always think The old cold legs are frozen out, but in fact, the truth may be different from everyone’s traditional perception. Old cold legs are called osteoarthritis in medicine, and the main factor leading to osteoarthritis is the aging and wear of joints and cartilage.

The reason why many people think that the old cold legs are frozen out may be because patients with osteoarthritis, when the temperature drops, The feeling of pain will increase.

In fact, this kind of cognition is the result of inverting the causal relationship. If you reverse the causal relationship, you will get the correct cognition . Generally speaking, if there is pain in the joints when the temperature drops, it means that the joints have lesions or there are strains, inflammations, etc. at this time.

2. Do people suffer from cold legs when they get old?

From a medical point of view, bone and joint Osteoarthritis is the result of normal degeneration of human joints. For human beings, after a certain age, everyone may develop osteoarthritis. Some people may not feel it in their lives. This is because the degree of osteoarthritis is different for everyone , some people are more serious, while others are milder.

3. Who are the old cold legs easy to target?

First of all, middle-aged and elderly female friends are easy to be “favored” by old cold legs, because the estrogen in women It plays a vital role in cartilage, and the knee joint has the characteristics of being warm and afraid of cold. Compared with men, women are more likely to have cold hands and feet.

For older middle-aged and elderly women, the level of estrogen in the body will drop significantly. At this time, the nutrition of joints and cartilage The supply will also be reduced accordingly, in this case, it is easy to cause joint damage.

At the same time, friends with knee joint injuries also It is easy to be “stared” by the old cold legs. This is because knee joint injuries will directly affect the cartilage. If the situation is more serious, it will cause wear and tear on the knee joints. leg.

4. If you have old cold legs, you should move less

For friends with osteoarthritis, in daily life, don’t think that moving the joints is bad for the knees, because if you don’t move the joints for a long time, it is easy to hurt them.

In fact, the normal activities of the human body are generally inseparable from the knee joint, but for friends with bad knee joints, we must pay attention to using The correct use method can minimize damage and consumption, so as to ensure the health of the knee joint.

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