Being sick at a young age, be wary of the diseases that these young people often have…

The young people nowadays look healthy on the surface, but they are actually sick all over the body. They earn money to buy a car and a house. While supporting their children, they also have to earn money to see a doctor. Many problems are becoming more and more common. Appears on “young people”.

“Youth disease” with high incidence among young people

01 Cervical/lumbar spondylosis

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Cervical spondylosis and lumbar spondylosis are more and more appearing in young people due to sedentary, bowed head and lack of exercise.

02 Gastrointestinal disease

Young people have irregular diets, drinking, overeating, indigestion, etc. increase the burden on the stomach, Gastrointestinal disease has become a common problem among young people.

03 Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases

Staying up late, fatigue, anxiety, mood swings, more and more young people Heart palpitations, palpitation, chest tightness and other problems.

04 Vision loss

The eyes of most young people are overloaded due to prolonged use of eyes and dependence on electronic products state, but this is not only reflected in “wearing glasses”, cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, etc. are also easily induced in young people.

We want to talk about eye problems

At present, in addition to vision loss, dry eye has almost become “Standard” for young people.

Under normal circumstances, with age, the hormone levels in the body will gradually decrease, which will lead to a decrease in lacrimal gland secretion, which will easily cause dry eyes, so dry Eye disease turns out to be more in the elderly population.

But now, most young people spend most of the day in front of computers and mobile phones. The number of people with dry eye syndrome is increasing.

How to tell if you have dry eye syndrome?

Dry eye is essentially caused by tear film instability. The tear film is a layer of tear fluid that covers the surface of our eyes and consists of a tear layer, a lipid layer and a mucin layer.

Every time we blink, we repaint the tear film on the surface of the eye. If there is not enough water or lipid in the tear film, it will burst before the next blink, and it will not be able to provide enough protection and moisture to the eyes, which will cause dry eyes over time.

Simply put, when you have these sensations in your eyes, you should be alert to the occurrence of dry eye syndrome.

Fatigue, dryness, burning, red itching, unable to open

Soreness, tingling, photophobia, Foreign objects, blurred vision…

Many people mistake dry eye syndrome for temporary eye fatigue. In fact, you can observe whether your symptoms are persistent. If If it’s a persistent, unrelieved symptom, it’s probably more than eye strain.

So many young people have dry eye, but few pay attention

Faced with dry eyes, many people think that it is not a big problem. They go to buy eye drops by themselves, only to find that the discomfort in the eyes has not been relieved at all.

In fact, among young people, meibomian gland dysfunction causes more dry eye.

Most of their dry eyes are due to excessive eye use and heavy eye load, which gradually develop from ordinary eye fatigue and dry eyes to meibomian gland blockage and atrophy. What method should be used to relieve eye fatigue and dryness?

Aerosol fumigation SPA

Aerosol fumigation SPA can quickly relieve dryness and fatigue Methods.

After wearing a special eye mask, a closed space will be formed, and then ultrasonic energy will be used to atomize the medicine into tiny mist particles, and the constant temperature will be output into the eye mask, directly acting on the eyes .

After the fumigation SPA, you can obviously feel dryness, foreign body sensation, stinging pain and other symptoms relieved, make the eye blood flow smoothly, and keep the microenvironment of the ocular surface healthy and tear-free The stabilization of the membrane relaxes the body while treating.