Before you go on National Day, I advise you to read this first

In the past week, many people have only one work schedule:

Except for some poor people who are forced to squat at home, some people must have planned where to go on National Day, booked air tickets, train tickets, bus tickets and hotel restaurant tours in advance.

Although it’s fun to travel on vacation, you can’t completely let yourself go, and skin care can’t be perfunctory. Otherwise, if you have breakouts, peeling, redness, itching, etc. during the trip, it will be too bad !

Today, Xiao Liang is in time for the holiday. From the four aspects of clothing, food, housing and transportation, I will give you a list of must-have skin care products for National Day travel .

How to choose travel clothes?

It is estimated that most of the traveling friends choose to play in China. At present, there are still some differences in the temperature difference and ultraviolet intensity between the north and south of the country. You can check the travel location in advance before traveling. Weather conditions, choose clothing accordingly.

At present, the temperature in the south is relatively warm, so you can still wear short-sleeved or thin long-sleeves, but it is cold in the north. It is recommended to bring thick long-sleeved trousers.

If you want to go to plateau areas (such as Tibet), island areas (such as Xiamen and Hainan) and other areas with relatively strong ultraviolet rays, it is recommended to bring hardware Sun protection buckets for the whole family, such as sun protection clothing, sun hats, ice sleeves, sunglasses, etc.

If you really don’t have it, you can choose ordinary clothes, which can also play a certain role in sun protection, but the sun protection is obviously not as strong as professional sun protection clothes.

It’s rare to go out and eat haise?

It’s a rare trip, and many foodies must be happy to open their stomachs to eat, sesame oil hot pot, sweet and sour fish, ice powder, milk tea…

Ton t t down, gain weight warning! Pimple warning!

Consuming large amounts of high-sugar, greasy, high-GI foods, and milk (especially skim milk) in the short term may increase the risk of acne breakouts and exacerbations.

Xiao Liang’s suggestion is that of course food can be eaten, but for friends who are prone to aggravate acne when eating these foods, try to keep your mouth shut, or eat smarter, such as Substitute yogurt for milk, order sugar-free or three-part sugar in beverages, etc.

You can also bring adapalene and retinoids with you for emergencies.

What details should I pay attention to when staying in a hotel?

It is inevitable to stay in a hotel or B&B when traveling. If you are not concerned about the environmental hygiene, you must first check the room supplies (and hidden cameras) as soon as you enter the door. If you find sheets and towels If there are bloodstains or stains, it must be replaced with a new one that has been disinfected.

You can also choose bring your own towel, face towel, bath towel, dirt bag, disposable toilet or bathtub cover, slippers and other personal items, preferably not naked Sleep to avoid skin allergies and infection of athlete’s foot due to unclean bed sheets and slippers in the room.

How to choose skin care when traveling?

For travel skin care, the most important thing is to cleanse, moisturize, and sunscreen. You can bring essential skin care product sets or samples, such as cleansers, water, milk, essence, sunscreen, etc.

Here, Xiao Liangqian reminds me that if you go out with a sample, it is best to choose a sample that you have used and are familiar with the use and texture of the product.

Because the cost of trying new products during travel is too high, if you have skin allergies due to trying new product samples, or if the new product fights with other product ingredients and causes makeup and mud, a little Small situations can be enough to ruin a good mood on a trip.


According to personal skin type, the climate conditions of the travel destination, etc., choose to bring the corresponding cleaning products.

Amino acid facial cleanser is suitable for most skin types and climate conditions. If you are very confused about the type of facial cleanser or travel with your family, you can bring one directly.


Go to the relatively hot and humid southern regions, oily skin only needs to bring refreshing water, while dry skin can bring water and milk as needed. In the relatively dry northern regions, whether oily or dry skin needs to be strengthened moisturizing, it is recommended to bring water, milk and cream.


When you go out, you should prepare sunscreen and hard sunscreen products. This should not be emphasized again by Xiaoliang. It should be noted that if there are many outdoor activities during the trip, sun protection is the top priority.

Neutral skin and healthy oily skin are suitable for chemical or physical-chemical sunscreen. Dry skin, sensitive skin, pregnant women, and breastfeeding are more suitable for physical sunscreen. If possible, every Reapply every 2 hours.

Use sunscreen umbrellas with dark colors, black glue sunscreen coatings, and UPF30+ sunscreen umbrellas, which will provide better sun protection.

As for sun protection clothing, it is better to choose dark, UPF40+, loose-fitting, polyester sun protection clothing.

Conditional Try to choose sun glasses with UV400 sun protection parameters, which can protect the eyes and skin around the eyes well.

If necessary, you can put on a SPF30+ sunscreen lip balm, which can not only protect against sunscreen (sometimes dark lips may be due to lack of sunscreen), but also Moisturizes lips.


If it’s just a mosquito bite, the first don’t scratch; the second calamine lotion or hormone ointment, In severe cases, it is recommended to seek medical treatment; the third step is to use mosquito repellent spray (containing effective mosquito repellent ingredients such as DEET, DEET or picaridin), and mosquito nets to repel mosquitoes.

If you go to the countryside, forests, bushes, etc., be careful to beware of insect bites, such as ticks, venomous beetles, caterpillars, etc. If you touch it accidentally, don’t scratch it, take different methods or seek medical treatment according to the specific situation.

Finally, I wish everyone a happy and satisfying National Day holiday~