Before the occurrence of lung cancer, there may be 4 kinds of discomfort in the body, which needs to be observed, and early detection and early treatment are required.

Lung cancer is a common malignant disease. The morbidity and mortality of this disease are relatively high. Studies have shown that there were about 787 new lung cancer cases in my country in 2015. If calculated according to this data, there are about more than 8 million lung cancer patients in China.

Because the symptoms of the disease are less obvious in the early stages, approximately 75% of patients are diagnosed at the late stage At this time, even with immediate treatment, the survival rate of patients is still less than 20%.

but if the patient is able to treat it early , then the survival rate is about 90%+. Therefore, for most lung cancer patients, it is necessary to achieve early detection and early treatment.

The 4 early symptoms of this disease are described in detail below, the first of which is very common, and patients should pay special attention .

One, cough

This is lung cancer An early symptom of the most common disease. It is understood that about 35%-75% of patients will have cough problems in the early stage.

Such a cough will be different from a cough caused by a cold, and a cough caused by lung cancer will have the characteristics of paroxysmal and irritating. Patients always experience a unclean cough, and each cough is mostly without sputum.

What’s more, this cough is particularly recurring and difficult to treat it even with cough medicine Relief.

In addition, some patients may also experience chest tightness and shortness of breath over time. and other unusual symptoms.

However, because this symptom is not so specific, many patients mistake it for a cold and ignore it to As for missing the best treatment time, the disease has become more and more serious.

In this regard, patients should be especially vigilant at ordinary times. If the cough symptoms keep recurring, then it should be considered that it may be caused by lung cancer.

Second, blood in sputum

Secondly, when expectorating sputum, the patient’s sputum will contain blood lines. At the same time, some patients also experience hemoptysis.

It is known that about 25%-40% of lung cancer patients will develop this symptom at an early stage.

As the cough worsens, the inflammation in the lungs will become severe, so the blood vessels of the tumor tissue are likely to rupture situation, resulting in bleeding issues.

Generally speaking, the bleeding volume is relatively small at this time, and most of it will be mixed with the sputum, which will make the blood in the sputum appear intermittently.

In addition, if the tumor tissue cells are partially necrotic, or there is vasculitis, it will also cause the patient to experience hemoptysis.

Once the blood vessel ruptures or the tumor ruptures more seriously, and blood enters the bronchial or pulmonary blood vessels, it is likely to cause massive hemoptysis, which is usually very serious. Difficult to control.

However, since diseases such as pharyngitis and pulmonary tuberculosis may also cause problems with hemoptysis, patients should have it checked in time at ordinary times. Difference.

Three.< strong>Hoarseness

With the continuous development of tumor cells, about 5%-18% of lung cancer patients will develop Hoarseness. The occurrence of this symptom indicates that the tumor cells may have compressed the nerve and pleural tissue, and the patient should pay special attention.

Except for hoarseness< /strong>In addition to the problem of /strong>, some patients will be accompanied by pain in the armpit, which becomes increased at night. If the patient continues to allow the disease to progress, then There may also be vocal cord paralysis and even airway obstruction.

In addition, for some middle-aged and elderly patients with cardiovascular disease Said that the occurrence of lung cancer can also cause shortness of breath. Therefore, patients should be especially careful in normal times.

Fourth, chest pain

This symptom is also some patients in the early stage Patients may experience chest pain after coughing for a period of time.

It is known that about 25% of lung cancer patients This early symptom occurs as an irregular dull or dull.

If it is not treated in time at this time, the tumor cells are likely to continuously increase, causing damage to the pleura, resulting in persistent sharpness in the patient. Pain.

This pain becomes more pronounced when coughing or breathing, and is difficult to control even with medication.

Therefore, once the patient begins to have abnormal chest pain symptoms, it is necessary to special attention, go to the hospital for a detailed examination in time, and identify the cause as soon as possible.

The above are the four main early symptoms of lung disease. Symptoms are relatively common and may be confused with the symptoms of other diseases;

Therefore, in order to detect this disease as early as possible, it is necessary to visit regularly Go to the hospital for check-up, especially for some people with family history of lung cancer, long-term exposure to carcinogens and long-term smoking, early lung cancer screening is very important.

It is best for patients to undergo a low-dose pulmonary CT screening once a year to achieve early detection and early treatment.