Before doing lung nodule surgery, you must do these 3 major preparations in order to recover faster

Pulmonary nodule surgery is a minimally invasive surgery. Before surgery, we need to do adequate “medical evaluation”, “nutrition preparation”, and “psychological preparation”.

Medical assessment consists of two main areas:

1. Is there any risk assessment of tumor metastasis and spread throughout the body

If the tumor has metastasized and spread on the whole body examination, then there is no need for surgery, because surgery will bring more harm;

2. Evaluation of Cardiopulmonary Function

If the heart and lung function is good, the recovery after the operation will be quicker; if the heart and lung function is very poor, the operation cannot be tolerated at all, and even anesthesia cannot be tolerated

Of course there are some details, such as liver and kidney functions. Generally speaking, most people are fine, as well as coagulation function. After surgery, if the coagulation is normal, they will recover quickly. .

Prepare for nutrition:

Before surgery, you must improve your nutritional level. If you have a good nutrition, your body will have a good immune state, a high level of protein in your body, and your body will have a strong repair ability. After surgery, you will recover quickly. , the immune function is good, it is not easy to be infected.

The most important thing is to eat more meat, eggs, milk, fresh vegetables and fruits.

Be mentally prepared:

Although the operation of pulmonary nodules is a minimally invasive operation, no matter how minimally invasive it is, it is an operation after all. The operation requires anesthesia and the operation must be traumatic to the human body. It is minimally invasive, and most people recover quickly, but its impact on the body is inevitable.

In any case, postoperative discomfort, pain, cough, chest tightness, shortness of breath, will happen more or less, so you must be fully prepared.

If you are not mentally or mentally prepared, you will feel that it is very simple. I will have a small operation. , the symptoms of discomfort will be enlarged, and the symptoms of pain and discomfort will be obvious.

All in all, the operation of pulmonary nodules should be prepared in three aspects: first, full medical evaluation, evaluating whether the tumor has metastasized, and evaluating whether the cardiopulmonary function can tolerate the operation;


The second one is nutritional preparation, be sure to maintain good nutrition to ensure a quick recovery after surgery;

The third mental preparation. Be fully prepared to face various surgeries, various postoperative problems, improve symptoms, and improve quality of life.