Bats are poisonous, but their feces are blindly good medicine? It also has these 3 wonderful uses

Since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, people have once again recognized bats. Knowing that bats carry numerous viruses and bacteria, a warning to humans: no wild animals are allowed. But I heard recently that although bats are poisonous, their feces are good medicine. Is this really true?

Can bat feces heal?

Our common medicines are generally divided into traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine. Western medicine is mainly made by chemical synthesis method, while traditional Chinese medicine comes from natural animals and plants, etc. In fact, there are many traditional Chinese medicine ingredients. It comes from animal feces, such as bat feces, which can cure diseases.

What we often call Yemingsha is the feces of bats. It is not only an agricultural fertilizer, but also a traditional Chinese medicine, which can clear heat and improve eyesight. Yemingsha is also the dry feces of bats. It is cold in nature and has a spicy taste. It contains not only urea and cholesterol, but also uric acid and vitamin A, which can dissipate blood and eliminate accumulation. It is used to treat various diseases, including scrofula. Malnutrition and night blindness, pain caused by congestion, and internal and external barriers. It can be seen that bat feces can treat diseases, but pregnant women are contraindicated.

What other traditional Chinese medicines are made from feces?

1. Silkworm sand

Silkworm sand is produced by drying the feces excreted by silkworms. Silkworm sand is warm in nature and belongs to the liver, spleen and stomach meridians, and has the functions of expelling wind and dampness, calming pain and promoting blood circulation, as well as harmonizing the stomach. Putting silkworm sand into a pillow can have the effect of sleeping, clearing the liver and improving eyesight; silkworm sand is compatible with tangerine peel and bamboo ru, and is often used to treat colds and colds.

2. Mochizuki sand

Mochizuki sand is also the feces of rabbits, which is cold in nature. Pungent in flavor, it has insecticidal and detoxifying properties, and is used as an auxiliary in the treatment of hemorrhoids and eye diseases.

3. Wulingzhi

Wulingzhi is the feces of flying squirrels. Gan, can enter the liver meridian, used for the treatment of various diseases, including malaria, diabetes, children’s malaria and confidant gas cold and blood metrorrhagia and so on. Many proprietary Chinese medicines contain such ingredients, such as Zijin Pills, Wulingzhi Powder and Chenxiang Shuqi Pills.

4、61 mud< /p>

Liuyi mud is the feces of earthworms. It is cold in nature and has a sour taste. It is often used to treat malaria, dysentery, and unknown swollen poison.


Renzhonghuang is the fecal crystallization of human, and also It is the yellow sediment in the toilet, which is used to assist in the treatment of tuberculosis and dysentery. The human middle white is the crystallization of urine, which can be written as the fire of the middle burnt or the fire of the lower burnt.

6. Chicken Yabai

Chicken Yabai is also the feces of domestic chickens. It is often used to treat babies crying at night, stroke and typhoid fever, etc. It can also treat enuresis, diabetes and tetanus.

7. Huilong soup< /p>

Huilong Decoction is the urine of children aged 4 to 8, which has the effect of improving eyesight, moisturizing skin and antitussive, and assisting in the treatment of headache.

In addition to being used as medicine, what other magical uses does feces have?

1. Use as farmyard manure

It is undeniable that modern fertilizers, urea and pesticides can kill pests in crops. However, most crops need to use farmyard manure as the basic material. The crops grown from animal manure are not only tall, but also safe and non-toxic, and there is no problem of pesticide residues.

2. As food for earthworms< /p>

The feces are suitable for the growth of earthworms and certain microorganisms, reduce soil bulk density, increase soil water retention capacity, maintain soil cohesion, and facilitate the growth of beneficial microorganisms.

3. As fuel

In some areas, animal manure is put into biogas digesters for fermentation , converted into biogas, which is then used for cooking or lighting.

Message from the doctor

In fact, many Chinese patent medicines Contains animal feces, which is not only a product of traditional medicine, but also gradually applied in clinical trials. It is worth reminding that you cannot choose animal feces to treat diseases by yourself. It may cause the disease to aggravate because the medicine is not symptomatic, it is not scientifically and reasonably prepared, and the dosage is not grasped, and it may even cause other adverse hazards.

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