Bad habit hurts the kidneys

In the classic medical book “Book Compilation. The Law of Nourishing the Kidney”, it is recorded that “the kidney is at the bottom of the organs, and it belongs to the water and stores the essence. This is the root of life.” It has the function of promoting human reproduction and development and resisting the invasion of foreign evil, so it is often called the innate foundation and the root of life.

After the problem of hidden diseases, many friends went to the pharmacy to buy some kidney-tonifying medicines and health care products because they were embarrassed to ask a doctor, but they were often not satisfied. The effect is even worse the more you eat. In fact, this is because the kidney is also divided into kidney yin, kidney yang, and yin and yang supplements.

Mr. Zhao, 39 years old. His main situation is that he had long-term bad habits when he was young, which has led to poor “battery life” now, especially in the last year, the situation has become more serious. In the long run, the wife will inevitably complain, and the family relationship will become tense and broken. Because I was embarrassed to ask a doctor before, I also bought various medicines privately to take, but the effect was mediocre and had no effect, and I was very distressed.

Continue to learn and learn that in addition to this problem, it is also accompanied by symptoms of frequent urination and inexhaustible urination, and I have to get up five or six times at night. In addition, the hair loss is severe, often feel dizzy and tinnitus, the mental state is very poor, and it is easy to feel sleepy due to fatigue.

Check tongue coating and pulse performance: pale tongue, thin white coating, and weak pulse

The dialectical of tongue diagnosis is: deficiency of kidney essence and deficiency of kidney qi

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The patient’s condition is due to excessive consumption of essence, resulting in deficiency of kidney essence. And when the kidney essence is excessively depleted, the function of the kidneys will be significantly reduced, resulting in the inability to maintain the essence. Other symptoms such as frequent urination, inexhaustible urination, dizziness and fatigue, mental fatigue and other symptoms are also obvious manifestations of kidney qi deficiency.

For this kind of situation, it is generally adjusted by tonifying the kidney qi and strengthening the Jingguan. Can use sunburned Astragalus, Cinnamon, Cistanche, Coptis, Chinese Yam, Angelica, Deer Antler, Cynomorium, Gorgon, Bai Ziren, Cnidium, Fried Atractylodes, Schisandra, Ophiopogon, Gecko, Dodder, Epimedium, Amomum, Ginseng comprehensive conditioning .

After taking it for more than a month, the patient was very happy, his mental state was very good, the symptoms were greatly improved, and the family relationship was also improved a lot. The patient was advised to exercise appropriate control and simply add or subtract medicines. Afterwards, continue conditioning for a course of treatment to stabilize the essence.