At the end of the year, it snowed heavily in the cold winter, and Du Fu, who lived in a desolate mountain town, wrote a sad poem.

Du Fu’s life was for the country and the people, and he cared about the world, no matter what What kind of environment is he in, he always thinks about the country first; secondly, the ordinary people of Limin; again, he thinks of his own sorrow; it is precisely because of his family and country feelings that his works are full of warmth, He has given people comfort, and reading his works is the most touching and exciting, so he also has the title of “Poetry Saint”.

In his youth, Du Fu’s family was not bad, but then his family gradually fell into disrepair, so that he lived a life of starvation. In the end, he had no choice but to go to other places to seek refuge with friends. But when a person is in trouble, that It is impossible to have the help of friends. Countless people stay away. Only his best friend, Yan Wu, helped him, and he even invested money to build a thatched cottage in Chengdu, Sichuan, where he finally settled down and lived. Barely able to get by.

Life is like this, whether in adversity or prosperity, if a friend helps, then It is also a great blessing in life. After Du Fu lived in Chengdu for a few years, after Yan Wu’s death, his life was in trouble again. At this time, he chose to leave Chengdu again, planning to return to his hometown Luoyang, down the river, to Kuizhou After that, there was no entanglement. Fortunately, I met a good person again. The local Dubo Maolin took care of him, and he lived there for a while.

Life in Kuizhou made Du Fu very sad. He was getting old and many of his friends had passed away. All these made him very sad, so in the winter of AD 766 (the first year of the calendar) , Suddenly a heavy snow fell, and seeing the white snow outside, Du Fu was overwhelmed with emotion for a while, and wrote the well-known poem “Ge Ye”.

Yin and Yang at the end of the year urge a short scene, and the end of the world is frost and snow.

The sound of drums and horns in the fifth watch is tragic and solemn, and the Three Gorges Galaxy Shadow is shaken.

The wild cry thousands of families heard the war, and Yige raised fishing woodcutters in several places.

Wolong prancing horse ends in the loess, and there is a lot of loneliness.

This is also one of Du Fu’s more representative works in his later years. The whole poem is very sad and very sad. Every sentence shows a sense of poignant beauty. There is the most sincere description of life. From such a poem, it is actually the most able to reflect Du Fu’s interpretation of life. Although there are only a few words, it is very delicate and penetrating. It is worth our attention. Read and read.

The first couplet and the chin couplet describe the situation when it snows, as well as my own mood. This is also to highlight the theme of this poem. It is precisely at the end of the winter that there are heavy snowfalls outside, and a person is wandering alone in the world. The night scene outside is even more shining under the moonlight, as if it were daytime. . At five o’clock, the horn sounded again from the barracks, which made it even more sad. The Milky Way was reflected in the water of the Three Gorges, causing the shadow to keep shaking.

The neck and tail couplets describe the brutal war and the feelings at that time, and at the same time further Thinking of Zhuge Liang, the news of the war outside, people were crying, and there was singing from the fishing boats on the river, and it was heart-wrenching to hear it. Historical figures such as Zhuge Liang and Gongsun Shu have long since become dead bones in the loess. Life is always like this. It can’t make people satisfied, and can only be left alone. In these last two sentences, Du Fu describes with great emotional force, which makes this poem full of sorrow.

Du Fu’s poems in his later years reached a high artistic level, and his works also directly describe war , as well as people’s most real living conditions, from his works, you can also feel his family and country feelings and deep love. An ordinary poet originally, but Du Fu always warms the sad world with love and brings comfort to people. In this poem “Ge Yee”, he did not describe his own grief too much, but still gave his love to ordinary people who need more care, which is also his greatest part.