As the saying goes: Take a bath in the morning to eliminate Yang Qi, and take a bath in the evening to generate moisture, so when is the right time to take a bath?

Nowadays, people are more and more fond of cleanliness. They almost take a shower every day. With water heaters, solar energy is much more convenient for those who love cleanliness.

After working all day, taking a hot bath can better relieve fatigue and fatigue, and also It can effectively remove dirt and bacterial dust on the skin, and the particles can achieve the purpose of cleaning the skin.

People who love cleanliness will not take a bath according to time, no matter if they have time during the day, noon or night, they will Take a shower to relieve fatigue and cleanse the skin. However, there is a saying about bathing: “Take a bath in the morning to eliminate Yang Qi, and take a bath in the evening to generate moisture.” Does it mean that you can only take a bath at noon? What exactly does this mean?

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First of all let us understand what is yang and moisture?

——What is Yang Qi?

The so-called yang qi is actually the true qi in the body, which is what people say The vitality of the human body is mainly hidden in the human kidney. “Yellow Emperor’s Canon of Internal Medicine” said, “Yang transforms qi, yin forms”, yang qi transforms into the energy needed by the human body, and maintaining yang qi is the foundation of health preservation and treatment of diseases.

—What is moisture?

From the perspective of Chinese medicine, moisture is divided into two types, one is feeling The evils of the six external evils are caused by wind, cold, heat, dampness, dryness, and fire. The other is that the five endogenous evils are caused by dampness among wind, cold, dampness, dryness, and fire.

In fact, it is mainly the lungs of the human body Insufficiency of Qi in the spleen and kidneys, especially in the spleen, leads to the transformation of the spleen and stomach, and the dysfunction of water and dampness, resulting in the retention of water and dampness, resulting in dampness.


As the saying goes: Take a bath in the morning to eliminate Yang Qi, and take a bath in the evening to generate moisture, so when is the right time to take a bath?

About taking a bath in the morning or taking a bath at night, it doesn’t matter whether it’s Chinese medicine or Western medicine The scientific conclusion, if it is from the perspective of Chinese medicine, there are two viewpoints:

Because the morning is the human body When the yang qi is growing, the body itself is weak, and a little carelessness in bathing at this time may damage the yang qi of the body. When taking a bath, the pores are all open, and the yang qi is easy to leak out. At night, the human body will adapt to changes in the environment, and the yang energy is relatively weak. At this time, it is easy to feel external evils.

If you often take a bath at night, the wet hair will increase the moisture in the head, and if you feel sleepy for a long time, the wind may rise and fall, and the air will rise on the head, which will cause headaches or even dizziness repeatedly.

There is no clear rule on which time period is suitable for taking a bath, but there are some things that should be paid attention to when taking a bath , Take a bath in the morning to control the water temperature, try to wash and dry your hair two hours before going to bed at night, as long as you pay attention to these problems, bathing still has many benefits for your body.


The skills of bathing, you may wish to get it

Correct order of bathing: wash face—wash body—wash hair

The temperature is relatively high in summer, and I am very impetuous. Taking a bath at this time will bring a little coolness to people, which makes people feel very comfortable and enjoyable.

When you drag When the tired body enters the bathroom, the steam of hot water will rush to the face, and the pores on the body will gradually expand, clean the face in time, reduce dirt, and enter the skin along the pores, mainly because the face is outside for a long time It is best to clean it in time when it comes into contact with polluted dust.

With the cleaning of the body, the hair has been penetrated by the mist. At this time, clean the hair again. Much cleaner and neater.

Bathing should be clean to avoid contusion

Many people now prefer the northern tradition, using some colored bath towels to rub the ash, when rubbing the small mud bags one by one Sometimes, I feel a sense of accomplishment, and even feel that if I don’t take a bath, I can’t wash it clean. In fact, this way of washing can be done once a week.

If you scrub too frequently, It is easy to damage the stratum corneum of the skin, and severe contusions can also cause dermatitis. The recovery time is relatively long, and it is easy to cause a large number of bacteria and viruses to enter the body along the scratched skin, increasing the risk and probability of skin cancer.

The bath water temperature is controlled at around 35~40℃

The water temperature should be adjusted according to your own body temperature. Too hot water can easily burn the skin and even damage the healthy stratum corneum of the skin. Dizziness or frequent itching of the skin are all related to the water temperature. Overheated water will only affect the health of the skin, while too cold water will also affect the body sensation, and even cold and fever may occur.


Knowledge extension – how long is better to wash? How often should I wash it?

In general, wash every two or three days in autumn and winter, and keep it for 10~ About 15 minutes will do.

But many people can’t control it when they enter the bathroom. It is really comfortable to take a bath by themselves. Once it takes more than an hour, many discomforts may occur.

The air in the bathroom itself is airtight, and if you stay in it for too long, it will easily lead to insufficient oxygen and blood supply to the body, and even Chest tightness and breathlessness, taking too long a bath will also affect the surface of the skin, and the skin that has no problem for a long time will also be written as a problem.