Are antihypertensive drugs proven to cause cancer? Is western medicine lowering blood pressure a “big scam”? Physician speaks the truth

“Antihypertensive drugs can cause cancer, and Western medicine to lower blood pressure is a scam used by doctors to cheat money!”

I received a private message from a fan a few days ago. This is a hypertensive patient. For most hypertensive patients, taking antihypertensive drugs is a must every day Although high blood pressure is not fatal, in the process of taking antihypertensive drugs, there will always be various arguments, and hypertensive patients need to keep their eyes open.

Antihypertensive drugs cause cancer. Excluding the cause of carcinogens produced by the production process, will the antihypertensive drugs themselves cause cancer? ?

drop Drugs proven to cause cancer? Western medicine to lower blood pressure is a scam used by doctors to cheat money? Physician Tells the Truth

Many people must have heard about antihypertensive drugs causing cancer However, some people say that Western medicine for lowering blood pressure is a big scam. Among them, a 10-year study in “The Lancet Oncology” has attracted much attention.

This study analyzed 61,590 patients in 5 clinical trials and found that the ARB group was significantly more than, more likely to increase the risk of new cancers.

Shortly thereafter, the US FDA issued an announcement pointing out that it does not recognize the statement that ARB increases the risk of cancer. For hypertension For patients, the benefits of long-term application of ABR far outweigh the potential risks.

This result comes out , causing a lot of panic in the medical community and patients. As we all know, pulyl and sartan drugs are the basic treatment drugs for patients with hypertension, diabetes, coronary heart disease, heart failure and chronic kidney disease. It is said that they cause cancer, should I eat them or not?

But soon, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) published a report on sartans and cancer In response to the Lancet Oncology article, the FDA announcement made it clear: sartans (ARBs) do not increase the risk of cancer.

Physicians pointed out: Antihypertensive drugs are the main way to control blood pressure in hypertensive patients, so “antihypertensive The rumors that drugs cause cancer and are a big hoax are not credible.

High blood pressure cannot Withdrawal of the drug, blood pressure fluctuations are very harmful It turns out that many patients who are taking valsartan are naturally terrified, causing many patients to even stop taking the medicine by themselves! This is wrong. The blood pressure reaches the target because it is achieved under the action of the drug. If the drug is stopped, the blood pressure will rebound, cause blood pressure fluctuations, and cause damage to target organs such as the heart, brain, kidneys, and blood vessels.

Therefore, after the diagnosis of high blood pressure, we must adhere to long-term medication to control blood pressure at the target level, this Only then can it be beneficial to health.

Tell everyone that when you see these similar news in the future, you must not take the drug out of context and stop the drug without permission. It is the most correct choice for the hospital to consult a cardiologist to help you solve your doubts and problems.

< strong>To lower blood pressure, you might as well learn Zhong Nanshan’s “Blood Pressure Sutra”

Hypertension is still a major risk factor that endangers the lives and health of Chinese residents. Therefore, correct blood pressure control is still the top priority. Then, how to lower blood pressure correctly? You might as well learn from Zhong Nanshan’s “Blood Pressure Sutra”, there has been no complication for more than 20 years It can be seen that Mr. Zhong’s pressure control method is still relatively good.

1. Adhere to taking medicine

Academician Zhong Nanshan said that insisting on taking antihypertensive drugs is the most important thing for lowering blood pressure. And this is also the key to successful pressure control.

2. Keep exercising, exercising is as important as eating

Academician Zhong Nanshan is 86 years old this year, but his “sports career” has a long history !When he was studying at Beijing Medical University, his sports performance was very outstanding, and some indicators were even comparable to professional athletes! Regarding his attitude towards sports, Academician Zhong said: Exercise is like eating, it is a part of life!

3. Change diet

Academician Zhong has settled in Guangzhou all the year round, and he does as the Romans do. Originally insisted on a light diet, Academician Zhong has extremely strict requirements on his daily diet, especially controlling the intake of salt, sugar, and oil. Academician Zhong has always emphasized: the incidence of hypertension among the elderly in my country is so high, the largest The reason is because of salt intake.

4. Lose your temper less and smile more

Academician Zhong Nanshan has a famous saying: “Hypertension, diabetes, and cancer are all afraid of one word-laugh”. Emotions are very important for health. Important, losing your temper will only make things go in a bad direction. If you can control your temper, you can make things develop in a better direction, and it will also help your interpersonal communication.

In life, maintaining a good, kind temper and smiling are very important for health.

Have you benefited a lot from seeing the living habits of Academician Zhong Nanshan? May wish to learn from it to help better lower blood pressure and maintain your own health.