Anti-inflammatory, anti-edema, safe, don’t be biased against “nasal hormones”, how to use them correctly need to pay attention to these…

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Inflammation from recurrent rhinitis and sinusitis Factors stimulate adenoids, which is one of the important reasons for adenoid hyperplasia. At the same time, hypertrophic adenoids will aggravate the blockage of the posterior nostrils, leading to repeated episodes of rhinitis and sinusitis, such a vicious circle.

For some children with adenoid hypertrophy, conservative treatment can be taken first, mainly for rhinitis and sinusitis with drug treatment, which can be improved by nasal hormones and oral drugs. Nasal inflammation and edema, improve nasal ventilation, relieve symptoms of mouth breathing and sleep snoring.

However, as soon as they see the word “hormone”, many parents start to feel restless…

Doctor, can children use hormones?

Is there any problem if I use it all the time?

How do you feel that it doesn’t work?

The summary is one sentence: I don’t want to use it.

Today, we are going to name the nasal hormones!

Nasal hormones have powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-edema effects, which can effectively relieve symptoms such as nasal itching, runny nose, and nasal congestion.

Nasal hormones are safe and only work locally in the nasal cavity and rarely enter Systemic blood circulation, less systemic adverse reactions occur.

The main local adverse reactions caused by the use of nasal hormones are nasal dryness, epistaxis, pharyngitis, etc. The symptoms are mostly mild. Correctly mastering the use of nasal hormones can To a certain extent, the occurrence of adverse reactions can be avoided, and the efficacy of nasal hormones can be improved.

The key knowledge of nasal hormones is here!

Tip 1:Clean the nasal cavity before using nasal steroids p>

If the child has less nasal secretions and the snot can flow out, he can gently blow his nose with a tissue; if the snot is so clogged that the sticky snot cannot be blown out, it can help the child to clear the nasal cavity.

There are many benefits to clearing the nasal cavity:

1. Clean up the nasal mucus caused by allergic rhinitis or upper respiratory tract infection, and improve the follow-up Efficacy of nasal hormones;

2. Clean up bacteria, viruses, allergens, etc.;

3. Promote nasal mucosa Ciliary movement to enhance clearing function;

4. Relieve symptoms such as nasal itching, nasal congestion and runny nose.

Tip 2:How to use nasal steroids correctly?

Shake the bottle well before each use.

When using for the first time or not using for more than 2 weeks, press several times until you see a uniform mist of liquid.

When spraying, keep the natural head position, tilt the head slightly forward, drag the bottom of the bottle with the thumb, and clamp the two sides of the spray head with the index finger and middle finger. It can be placed in the front of the nozzle. The nozzle should point to the outer wall of the nasal cavity, not to the nasal septum, which is what we often call the middle nasal bridge (otherwise the drug may irritate the nasal septum mucosa and cause epistaxis, or even lead to nasal septum perforation).

When older children spray the medicine by themselves, they can use the cross-handed operation, that is, the left hand sprays the right nasal cavity, the right hand sprays the left nasal cavity, and gently inhale through the nose when spraying , Avoid strong nose suction, when the force is too strong, the drug will be sucked into the throat, which will affect the effect of the drug, and the drug will have a bitter taste.

After use, wipe the nozzle with a tissue and cover with the dust cap.


spray Do not blow your nose or wash your nose immediately after the nose to prevent the medicine from being lost.

Tip 3:Treatment of nasal corticosteroids

Nasal hormone therapyAllergic rhinitis in children

Mild and moderate to severe intermittent The patient’s course of treatment is not less than 2 weeks.

Moderate-severe persistent patients for not less than 4 weeks.

During the course of treatment, under the guidance of a doctor, the frequency of medication should be gradually reduced and even finally discontinued (if symptoms are relieved, medication can be taken every other day; after a week of observation, If there is no discomfort, it can be changed to medication every two days; observe for another week, and the medication can be discontinued if there is no discomfort).

However, the medication should be continued when the disease recurs.

Nasal Hormone TherapyAcute Sinusitis in Children

Treatment time is generally 4 to 8 weeks.

Nasal Hormone TherapyChildren with Chronic Sinusitis

The treatment time is generally maintained for 3 to 6 months, and continued use for 2 to 4 weeks after the symptoms are completely controlled.

Correctly mastering the skills of nasal steroid spraying, using the full course of treatment and checking the nasal cavity regularly can reduce the occurrence of adverse reactions and improve the efficacy of the drug.

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