Ancient saying: Laziness is never lost when a man is defeated, pride is never lost when things are defeated, resentment is never lost when a family is defeated

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< p data-track="4">Mencius has a saying: “If you can’t do what you want, you should look for yourself, and the world will return to you.”

If the result of anything is contrary to expectations, you must find the reason from yourself; as long as you are correct, everyone in the world will Will surrender.

In this life, the success or failure of a person depends on himself .

Lazy or hardworking, proud or humble, complaining or introspective , Either accumulate blessings, or plant disasters.

In the final analysis, destiny is a cycle of cause and effect: What kind of cause, what kind of fruit.

1. Laziness never fails

Han Ying said in the Han Dynasty: “Misfortunes arise from laziness .”

Overview of the success and failure of ancient and modern times, When a person encounters disaster, it often comes from laziness and laziness.

Fuchai, king of Wu in the Spring and Autumn Period, was good at horseback riding and archery. Proficient in various tactics.

However, after winning the supremacy, Fucha Began to be self-righteous and slack.

He listened to the words of Bo Cheng who was bought by Yue , do not kill Goujian, do not destroy Yue.

He is addicted to Xi Shi’s beauty and rare treasures , ignoring the government and indulging in pleasure.

He reused the treacherous minister Bo Pi and began to stay away from Sun Wu and Wu Zixu Wait for heroes, stay away from rich countries and strong soldiers.

Once, Wu Zixu repeatedly advised: we must thoroughly Destroy the country of Yue.

Fu Chai was so angry that he created an “unnecessary” conspiracy The crime forced Wu Zixu to draw his sword and commit suicide.

The end of history is: no more efforts to govern Fu Chai was defeated by Gou Jian, who had been living on his salary for 10 years, and destroyed Wu in one fell swoop. Fu Chai died and the country was destroyed.

Qing Dynasty Zeng Guofan said: “A hundred All kinds of ills come from laziness.”

All kinds of minor problems and bad habits in life can generally be found from “laziness”.

For example, too lazy to exercise.

The less you move, the less you want to move, start slowly Back pain, gastrointestinal discomfort, dizziness.

So, when I reached middle age, I Some people have a big belly and three highs are always there; or they are bedridden all the year round, moaning and sighing.

Another example, too lazy to study.

Don’t want to read books, don’t want to touch new things, don’t want to develop skills .

So, after entering old age, some people will not With a smartphone, it is difficult to go out; or without a hobby, it is impossible to integrate into any circle.

For another example, I am too lazy to clean.

I don’t want to pack clothes, I don’t want to tidy things up, I’m not willing Throw away useless things.

So, I can’t find the clothes I want to wear Irritability; Always feel dull and get angry and quarrel with family members.

The Book of Changes says: ” Heaven is healthy, and a gentleman should strive for self-improvement.”

< span> Laziness is the beginning of a person becoming useless, and it is also the starting point of widening the gap between people.

On the road of life, there are all kinds of regrets and what you can’t ask for, Probably closely related to “lazy”.

Hard work makes up for weakness.

In this life, if you can be with you with diligence, no matter what No matter how talented you are, you can live out your best self.

Second, failure is always proud

Wang Yangming has a saying: “Most people suffer from arrogance today, and all crimes are caused by arrogance. Come up.”

Modern people do not Shun, mostly because of the word “proud”.

Once a person has the idea of ​​”arrogance”, he will Will start to slack, failure and disaster often follow.

Guan Yu of the Three Kingdoms was dubbed “Wu Sheng” by later generations “, but was criticized for being “proud”.

He looked down on his opponent Pound and called him “the Madman”.

He also looked down on his ally Sun Quan, saying “Tiger girl Can marry a dog” refused Sun Quan’s marriage.

He even looks down on his own “five tiger generals” Huang Zhong thought that “how can we fight with the old soldiers”.

Jian’an twenty-two years, Soochow Lu Meng succeeded as the governor, and kept writing letters to praise Guan Yu, which made Guan Yu let down his guard against this “big boss”.

Later, Lu Meng pretended to abdicate, and Lu Xun Served as the governor.

Lu Xun still wrote letters to fool Guan Yu. Facing this weak scholar, Guan Yu completely let go of his guard and began to deal with Cao Jun with all his strength.

The ending of history is: Guan Yu fell into Lu Meng’s plan , Carelessly lost Jingzhou, then defeated Maicheng, and was finally beheaded.

“You Mengying” says: “You can’t live without pride, you can’t have pride.”

People can be arrogant, but they must not be arrogant.

Throughout the ages, the big and small events that have been defeated by “arrogance” There are endless.

Pang Juan of the Warring States Period was defeated in the Battle of Guiling He was defeated and killed himself in the Battle of Maling.

It’s not that he’s inferior in skills or inferior to soldiers There were many people, but they underestimated the enemy and rushed forward, and fell into Sun Bin’s plan of “surrounding Wei and saving Zhao” twice in a row.

Shi Yuzhu in the 1990s, will The giant building rose from 18 floors to 70 floors, and finally the capital chain broke, and it was in debt of 250 million overnight.

It’s not that he has no plans, nor No business mind, but proud to think that they can do anything.

There is a saying in the ancients: “fullness will overflow, pride will Failure.”

In this life, what you should care about most is The opponent is not others, but oneself.

Do not let your guard down Don’t get carried away because of small breakthroughs, and don’t be paralyzed by calmness.

Since this is the case, regardless of good times or bad times Or ordinary years, can calmly deal with, advancing and retreating properly.


Third, family failure never leaves grievances

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Zeng Guofan said: “Those who complain too much will be more depressed later.”

Everyone who is used to complaining, life is difficult to go smoothly.

Complaining is terrible.

It will blind people’s eyes and make people unable to see it can also blind one’s mind to discern the truth.

Aunt Zhao in “A Dream of Red Mansions” was born as a maid, Fortunately, he became one of Jia Zheng’s only two concubines and gave birth to a pair of children.

It can be said that food and clothing are well-fed and children With both abilities, she is completely capable of running a small family thriving.

But she has become a typical The complaining woman: She complained about bad things: I didn’t have a decent item in my hands; she complained about her daughter’s lack of money: why didn’t you use the money you saved for your younger brother; why didn’t you give more money when you were in charge.

She complains that her son has no status: why should Gambling with Baoyu and being taken advantage of by others; I despise her.

It is often said that home and everything prosper.

So, how to cultivate a harmonious and beautiful family , Harmony and wealth?

There is a saying in the ancients: “Everyone is responsible, the sky is clear Ning; everyone is responsible, and the world is turned upside down.”

Self-reflection will give birth to peace and warmth; complaining to each other will cause restlessness.

Those who complain will complain to their girlfriends that their husbands are not considerate, and to colleagues complain that their mother-in-law is too Picky, will complain that his wife’s cooking is not to the taste, and complain that the children are not motivated in their studies.

Accumulating over time, the house is smoggy and deteriorating.

And those who introspect will feel sorry for their husbands who go out early and return late, will praise their wives for trying new recipes, will understand that mother-in-law saves money for their children, and will tolerate their children’s hard work.

With time, life will be lively and prosperous.

Introspection and complaints, like heaven and hell, determine whether a home thrives or decays.


It is said in “Book of Rites”: “Father and son are faithful, brothers are harmonious , Husband and wife harmony, family harmony also. “

Family members, stop whining, Only by being considerate and united with one heart and one mind can we cultivate harmony and wealth, and long-lasting blessings.

“Han Feizi” said: “If you use meat to remove ants, the more ants will be; if you use fish to drive flies, the more flies will come. “

If there is any problem, only the right medicine can cure it Until the disease is cured. Laziness will destroy a person, so start working hard: nothing is difficult in the world; pride will make things fail, so you must know how to be humble: humility benefits, complacency hurts.

Complaining will lead to the decline of the family, so we should always introspect: Empathize with each other and have fun.< /span>

May the rest of my life be free from laziness and Be proud, quit resentment, behave modestly, and do things seriously, and you will be able to prosper and have a harmonious family! Encourage each other!

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