All starch, no nutrition? Luncheon meat expressed aggrieved

Luncheon meat is a must-have item in the kitchen of many foodies

But it’s fast and delicious

Luncheon meat is also posted

Labels such as “unhealthy” and “not nutritious”

Actually, the nutrition and quality of canned luncheon meat

Not that bad

Eat to understand!

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Eat in moderation!

As meat products, Luncheon meat can provide us with rich protein, as well as a lot of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. However, everyone should pay attention to the “heavy taste” of luncheon meat when eating.

Salt in meat products It is not only a flavoring agent but also a preservative in the processing of meat products. The “color development and color protection process” of meat products is also inseparable from nitrite (sodium nitrite). At present, there is no health additive that can completely replace this function of nitrite.

GB/T 13213 -The 2017 “Canned Minced Pork” requires that the salt content of canned luncheon meat be ≤2.5%. The sodium content of a 340g can of luncheon meat sold in China is about 2.5g, which is about 7g when converted to table salt. The “Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents (2022)” recommends that adults consume no more than 5g of salt per day. Therefore, frequent and large consumption of lunch meat is indeed likely to cause excessive sodium intake.

When purchasing, Consumers can observe the nutritional label and try to choose products with lower sodium content. When cooking, you can also reduce the use of salt since luncheon meat itself already contains salt.

< span>Some merchants are also improving the formula to reduce the sodium content of the product | The picture comes from the e-commerce platform

Every 100g contains 300mg of sodium, which can be regarded as high sodium Food l Hong Kong Center for Food Safety

Appropriate amount, multiple collocations, this is the correct way to eat luncheon meat. While enjoying delicious food, it is also healthier~

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