Alert issued! Shaoxing will turn on the quick-freezing mode, and the temperature will drop sharply

The power of the strongest cold wave this winter is beginning to show. The day before yesterday, moderate to heavy snow or sleet occurred in parts of northern Xinjiang and other places, and local blizzards or heavy blizzards occurred in Tacheng, Changji and Urumqi.

The cold wave is gradually moving eastward and southward to affect most of my country. It is higher than normal. After this cold wave passes, the temperature changes very drastically. Everyone should pay attention in advance.

ShaoxingIt will be cloudy and rainy today, with moderate to heavy rain at night, moderate rain tomorrow, and light rain at night.

Shaoxing Meteorological Observatory Jinqing Issuing a cold wave warning:It is expected that the cold wave will begin to affect our city around the morning of the 29th. Affected by it, the city will have a process of severe cooling, strong winds and precipitation. Up to 12-14℃, accompanied by northerly gusts of magnitude 6-8 and mountainous areas of magnitude 8-10; the lowest temperature in the morning of December 1-2 is 2-3℃ in plain areas and 0-3℃ in mountainous areas. 2 ℃, there is frost, please pay attention to strengthen precautions.

The overall temperature has obviously dropped a big step, and with more rainy weather, the body feels more It is cold and wet, and the feeling of winter is becoming more and more obvious. Remind everyone not to be confused by the warmth in front of you, quickly turn out the down jacket, cotton sweater, and cotton wool trousers.

(Source: Shaoxing Weather)

Source: Yueniu News