Ai Jiaren|Long-term accumulation will make you constantly improve, and finally you will make a lot of progress

In life, these good habits will make you healthier and healthier: First of all, exercise, insist on exercising every day, not necessarily running 3 kilometers or something. As long as you exercise, you can do some planks, sit-ups, and push-ups every day. The body is the capital of everything. Only with a good body can we have a better future. Keep accounts, know your daily expenses, know your weekly expenses, and your monthly expenses.

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Knowing the flow of your money can cultivate your sensitivity to numbers and reduce meaningless expenses to a certain extent. When reading books, you don’t have to read famous classics, you can read books that interest you (don’t read online novels, unless they are some classics), and don’t hold your mobile phone every day to watch videos and play games. These are of no practical benefit to you, they are just wasting your energy and time.

Even if you know you are wrong sometimes, you still can’t help it, mainly because you are too boring. The way to solve boredom is not only to look at your mobile phone, but you can also read some books. While improving your information reserve and knowledge cultivation, you can also pass the boring time. Self-reflection, write a diary every day, the number of words is not limited. Keeping a diary is not for recording daily events, but for daily self-examination.

Record the things you didn’t do well in the day, make corrections, and do your best every day Things are also recorded and kept. Daily self-reflection will allow you to constantly discover your strengths and weaknesses. Magnify the advantages and correct the disadvantages. And record it down, let yourself know your progress every day, and know that you are a little better today than yesterday. Long-term accumulation will allow you to continuously improve, and finally accumulate steadily.