110-year-old “Shouxing Grandma”: 7 habits have not changed for 40 years, have never been hospitalized, have no three high schools, and live independently



In the countryside of Xiamen, Fujian, there is such a grandma. She lived to be 110 years old, still in good health and able to take care of herself.

This little-known village has gained a bit of fame because of her longevity.

She is Granny He Xiu from “He Cuo” village.

Slowly, Granny He Xiu became a “star”. Many people visited her home, and some media reporters came to interview her.

There is no doubt that the core of everyone’s attention is the old man’s “health secrets”.


Grandma He Xiu is modest and honest, she doesn’t talk too much. She just smiled and said, and she couldn’t say any secrets, I just have some “good habits”.

Many habits seem inconspicuous and nothing special, but those that can persist for a long time are rare, even rare.

Grandma He Xiu belongs to that small group of people.

“Father of Western Medicine” Hippocrates said, good living habits, originally the biggest secret of health and longevity.

We often say that people live to the extreme, they must be plain and simple.

Grandma He Xiu’s life is very simple and simple. She said that her first characteristic is “early to bed and early to rise”.

She has persisted in this habit since she was in her 20s, and it has a history of more than 80 years, which is commendable.

As the saying goes, early to bed and early to rise is good for your health.

Everyone knows this sentence, and it is not easy to implement it consistently.

If it can persist, it is the first step towards health.

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Grandma He Xiu pays great attention to the environment, and cleanliness is her basic principle.

Wake up every morning, after washing, I will tidy up the room carefully, which can be regarded as a “warm-up” for my body. When you’re done, go into “Workout Mode.”

The first sentence in “Zhu Zi’s family maxims” is: start at dawn, clean the court, clean inside and outside…

For Granny He Xiu, this is a “ceremonial” matter that must be taken seriously.

If the yard is a stage, then she is an actor, and her love and dedication allow her to express herself.

She believes that cleaning the yard is also a way of exercising, and she is happy to see the environment clean and hygienic.


Grandma He Xiu likes to live independently, and generally does not cause trouble to anyone.

She has her own little world, she is immersed in it, and she never tires of it.

There is no work at home, so she wanders in the fields, cleans up her own vegetable garden, helps the children, and gives to the workshop Neighbors help, no matter what she does, her attitude is extremely serious.

Sometimes, when the weather is good, she will go to the street, Go to the vegetable market and chat with acquaintances.

Working makes her heart full; She is in a good mood.

These can be said to be magic weapons for health.


Grandma He Xiu is a warm-hearted person. When she finds out that something is wrong with other people’s home, she will take the initiative to come to the door to help. Do not eat at other houses.

People are enthusiastic to persuade them to stay, but she shirks,I am not used to the food cooked by others, and the food I cook myself is more palatable.

Actually, a discerning person can tell at a glance that she does not want to cause trouble to others. This kind of dedication of love is extremely pure.

After the labor is over, she will pour herself a glass of Coke, sit down and savor it slowly.

This is a way to adjust and relax, and also a way to reward yourself.

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On weekdays, Grandma He Xiu has a light diet and rarely eats meat.

The children improve their lives and often bring steaming meat for her to taste.

Grandma He Xiu feels that the hospitality is hard to give up, so she will happily eat a few mouthfuls, praise her, and then “taste it”.

Grandma He Xiu likes to make porridge and drink porridge with a little green vegetables and salted fish.

She doesn’t eat much, and she is only 70% full, so she doesn’t eat.

Grandma He Xiu has a special hobby, which is to eat sugar, and she drinks several cups of sugar water almost every day.

Many years have passed, and she believes that drinking sugar water is the most beautiful thing in the world.

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Some people say that character determines destiny.

Some people say that the warmer the temper, the deeper the blessing.

Grandma He Xiu has a very good temper, easy-going and gentle, no matter at home or outside, she gets along with everyone in harmony.

Chinese pay attention to “harmony leads to auspiciousness”;

In the eyes of Granny He Xiu, harmony is the foundation of happiness, the source of happiness, and the root of health.

As we all know, everything goes well with home.

The same is true for people and life. Harmony brings a happy smile and brings spring to the garden.

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While shopping, Granny He Xiu discovered a “business opportunity”: the garbage that many people throw away can be reused.

So, she picked it up and collected a bunch.

It has been a long time, and it has grown to a certain scale: old cardboard boards, beverage bottles, broken copper and rotten iron like small mountain bags.

She packed it in a small car and sent it to the purchase point. Unexpectedly, she “earned a lot of money”.

Take this money to go to the supermarket, buy some daily necessities, vegetables and fruits, candy and non-staple food for children.

Grandma He Xiu has a habit of taking a lunch break for half an hour to an hour every day.

In the afternoon, she will play mahjong. When she catches up with too many people, she will quit voluntarily, play cards by herself, and play chess with herself. Enjoy yourself, don’t have a hole in the sky.

From this point of view, Granny He Xiu has many secrets to her health and longevity!