Ai Jiaren|Anger is unhealthy and cannot be resolved in time, all organs of your body will receive alarms

First of all, I summed up the illnesses of people around me. I think most of the cases are caused by mood and eating habits. People who live a happy life are radiant and look Especially young, generally there is no pain, except for geriatric diseases or genetic diseases.

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I know a woman in her early 40s. Her husband is very loving, and the children in the family are also very lively and lovely. This woman is simple-minded and doesn’t know how to be wary of others. She thinks that she can live happily like this for the rest of her life. Unexpectedly, her husband gave her a head-on blow. It is said that no woman can get out of her husband’s mobile phone alive. This silly woman doesn’t believe it. One day, by mistake, she took advantage of her husband’s time to take a shower, quietly opened his mobile phone, checked his WeChat, and was dumbfounded. .

Next, the man knelt down and cried bitterly, saying that it was the past, it had already passed, and he He was ready to confess, but he was afraid that his wife would not forgive him, and he did not dare to destroy the happy atmosphere at home, so he could only live in fear. I didn’t want to hide it, I just wanted to find an appropriate time to confess, one was to atone for my sins, and the other was that the psychological pressure was too great for me to bear. No wife can bear such a result. This silly woman ran out of the house, hugged her best friend and cried bitterly, and the idea of ​​divorce appeared in her mind again and again.

I can think of my young children, the older ones are in junior high school, and the younger ones just started Kindergartens, after divorce, the children will face separation and will call other mothers, what will happen to the children in the future? From this incident, it can be seen that some diseases are indeed caused by anger, and anger is definitely unhealthy. If you can’t resolve it in time, various organs in your body will receive alarms, and obstacles or shutdowns will begin, and gradually there will be Various superficial or internal reactions are reflected in people’s spirit, skin condition, and various organs of the body. You may not be old by then, but you will be sick.