After the flood disaster, how to do personal health protection?

[Source: Science and Technology Bureau of Panjin Bureau_Dynamic News]

Recently, due to the combined influence of heavy rainfall and upstream water, flood disasters occurred in some areas of our city. After the occurrence of floods, it is easy to cause diseases, and even the spread and prevalence of infectious diseases. So, how to do personal health protection after flood disaster?
Pay attention to environmental hygiene. The residence should be ventilated regularly to prevent heat stroke when it is hot. Temporary residences should be regularly disinfected, beds should be kept a certain distance from the ground, no littering, dumping of sewage, no spitting, defecation, and feces, excrement and garbage should be placed in designated areas. Take care of cats, dogs and other animals.
Do not drink raw water, but only boiled water or bottled water that meets hygienic standards; water utensils must be clean and frequently emptied for cleaning; The pipeline should be fully cleaned, and the surface of the faucet should be wiped and disinfected with chlorine-containing disinfectant.
Pay attention to food hygiene. Do not eat moldy food, do not eat spoiled food or food that has been soaked in flood water. Raw and cooked food should be stored separately. Aquatic products and seafood should be cooked thoroughly before eating. Strict disinfection should be done to prevent foodborne illness and food poisoning.
Observe personal hygiene. Do not rub your eyes with your hands, especially dirty hands. Personal towels, washbasins, and handkerchiefs should be used alone. If you have to share a washbasin with a patient, you should let a healthy person use it first, then the patient, and then wash the washbasin with soap. net.
Do a good job in preventing flies and flies, rodents and rodents, and mites and mites. Use a fly swatter to kill flies indoors, and cover food with a fly-proof cover. Places with a high concentration of crowds are also places with a high density of rodents. When an abnormal increase in rodents is found, it is necessary to report to the local relevant departments in time. Keep the house and nearby ground clean and dry, do not sit, lie or rest on the haystack.
If you feel unwell, seek medical treatment in time, especially those with fever and diarrhea, seek medical help as soon as possible, follow the doctor’s orders, cooperate with infectious disease isolation, and pay attention to the use of related drugs.
In addition, know the weather and road condition information in advance before traveling, avoid traveling in bad weather, improve personal safety awareness, pay attention to traffic safety, and prevent accidents. When it is found that the rainstorm is coming, you should choose a high and firm building for shelter. When walking on rainy days, pay attention to the manhole cover. If you find a whirlpool or a sudden spring on the water surface, you should take a detour. At the same time, pay attention to the safety of the vehicle, control the speed of the vehicle, and change lanes cautiously.

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