After studying cancer for more than 60 years, Academician Sun Yan said frankly: If you don’t want cancer cells to be active, please avoid 6 things

Nowadays people are talking about cancerous discoloration. Cancer is a malignant tumor originating from epithelial tissue. According to the condition and location of the lesion, the classification is also different.

Cancer has the characteristics of cell differentiation, abnormal proliferation, uncontrolled growth, metastasis and infiltration, so many people often lose treatment after they are diagnosed with cancer Confidence.

From the perspective of gender, some cancers seem to prefer men, such as lung cancer, and some cancers prefer women, such as breast cancer. The incidence of cancer is getting higher and higher, and many people are wondering why there are more and more cancer patients?

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Why more and more cancer patients?

According to the data released by the Center of the World Cancer Agency, the number of new cancer cases in the world in 2021 will be 19.29 million cases and 9.96 million cancer deaths worldwide, proving that cancer is one of the greatest threats to human health.

In the face of such a high incidence of cancer, Academician Sun Yan put forward her own opinion, the incidence of tumors has increased, I am related to the following three major reasons:

First of all, the development of health work, some high-incidence diseases in the past have been In addition to control, people pay more attention to chronic diseases and tumors.

The second is the average life expectancy of people Prolonged, the high incidence period of tumors occurs over the age of 45, and most of them are middle-aged and elderly people.

Finally, tumor diagnosis has improved detection instruments, more accurate methods have been enriched, and it has also allowed the past to discover Diseases are detected and detected early.


Studying cancer for 60 years, Academician Sun Yan said frankly: I don’t want cancer cells to be “active” and avoid 6 things

Speaking of Academician Sun Yan, you may not be familiar with him. He is a clinical oncologist in my country, the director of the National New Drug Clinical Research Center of the National Cancer Center, and has long been engaged in clinical tumors and other related fields. scientific research work.

It can be said to be 60 He has been engaged in clinical and experimental research on medical oncology treatment for many years. He is one of the founders of medical oncology treatment in my country and enjoys a high reputation at home and abroad. Academician Sun Yan said frankly that in addition to the above three reasons, the increase in the incidence of tumors is also related to the internal environment of the human body.If you don’t want cancer cells to be “active”, avoid 6 things

1. Cigarettes

Smoking is tantamount to chronic suicide. At present, there are more than 350 million smokers in my country. Smoking cigarettes for a long time not only damages the health of the human lungs, but also easily causes various cancers in the body. The most common ones are lung cancer, oral cancer, People who seriously endanger their health such as bronchial cancer and smoke second-hand smoke also increase the risk of human cancer.

2. Moldy food

Many over-frugal elderly people are reluctant to eat and wear , Even if the food at home is moldy, you are not willing to throw it away, but the moldy food contains aflatoxin, a carcinogen that cannot be seen by the naked eye and is a great threat to the human body. Once the intake exceeds the standard, it is likely to cause liver cancer , so please throw away moldy food as soon as possible.

3. Wine

Many people like to drink, except during the holidays, they even have a few drinks at home. Alcohol is the world’s three major functional drinks, although it can bring the relationship closer to each other, but When ethanol enters the human body, it will reduce the metabolic function of the human liver, and even convert it into acetaldehyde, releasing carbon dioxide and water to be excreted from the body. Prolonged drinking is more likely to induce liver cancer.

4. Electron radiation

Technology continues to advance, and more and more electronic products are born. Some experts have found that long-term contact Electronic products are the main cause of brain cancer. Electronic radiation in electronic products can affect the normal operation of human brain waves, and even increase the risk of human cancer.

5. Pickled food

Many people like pickled food, and some families even often serve it on the table, such as pickled cucumber, pickled bacon, and pickled spicy cabbage, which taste delicious, but during the pickling process, a lot of food is added Such foods can also affect blood flow, increase the thickness of blood vessel walls, and cause abnormal fluctuations in blood pressure. The key is that these foods can easily generate nitrite, which is more likely to induce cancer.

6. Health care medicine

Many people pay attention to health preservation, which is not wrong in itself, but in order to achieve their own goals, taking health care medicines willfully is a three-point poison , Blindly taking it will inevitably increase the burden on the liver and kidneys. The chemical agents in the drug will increase the residual cancer cells in the body. To improve health, use it with caution.