After middle age, the bones of the whole body become brittle? Reminder: insist on doing 3 things well, don’t wait until you are old to regret

Children can stumble and grow up, but middle-aged and elderly people must not fall easily, especially middle-aged and elderly people with osteoporosis, every fallThere is a risk of bone fracture for them, which can be fatal!

After middle age, the bones of the whole body become brittle?
Mr. Shen, who lives in Gulou District, Nanjing, is 41 years old. One day not long ago, when Mr. Shen was taking a bath in the morning, he slipped and fell accidentally because the floor was slippery. After being sent to the doctor, it was found that the left femur was fractured, the thigh was swollen, and the left lower limb was deformed.
Although he is middle-aged, Mr. Shen thinks that he is not old, so how could he break a bone when he fell! Are your bones so fragile?
Besides, his children are all only about 18 years old and just started college, so I can’t help but feel a little worried when I fall down. The children are busy with their studies and have to take care of themselves. I’m afraid it will delay their studies, so I thought Get well soon.

When faced with Mr. Shen’s troubles, the doctor also persuaded: Middle-aged and elderly people are not prone to falls, they often fall It will lead to serious fractures, the root cause of which is osteoporosis.
I also suggested that Mr. Shen, during the treatment, he must supplement calcium well. After all, calcium is the “reinforcement agent” of bones, and there should be more exercise to strengthen bones , so that it will get better soon.

Osteoporosis is the “invisible killer” of middle-aged and elderly people who don’t fall down
With age, the human body’s bone mass will gradually lose, bone density will decrease, and then osteoporosis and other related symptoms will appear.
After the age of 35, our bone mass begins to lose at a rate of 0.5% to 1% per year, and bone strength begins to decline after reaching its peak at the age of 35.
In 2018, my country’s first epidemiological survey of osteoporosis among Chinese residents showed that people over the age of 50 are being threatened by the problem of osteoporosis.
The survey also found that China has a large population with low bone mass. The population with the highest risk of osteoporosis is the elderly over 50 years old, and the low bone mass rate of people around 40 years old also accounts for up 32.9%.

Remind middle-aged and elderly people: to prevent osteoporosis, calcium supplementation should be done as early as possible, and calcium supplementation should be continued
“Reference Intakes of Dietary Nutrients for Chinese Residents” recommends that the average daily calcium intake for adults aged 18 to 50 is 800 mg, and for those over 50 years old to be 1000 mg. In fact, the average daily dietary calcium intake of many people is far from the recommended appropriate intake.
People rarely pay attention to dietary calcium supplementation. According to some data, the average daily calcium intake of Chinese adults is only 389 mg, which is far below the recommended 800 mg.
So, In addition to the normal diet, it is best for middle-aged and elderly people to supplement 600 mg of calcium every day.
Dairy products are foods with high calcium content, so , it is recommended that middle-aged and elderly people drink more milk for calcium supplementation.

When people pass middle age, the bones of the whole body become brittle? Reminder: insist on doing 3 things well, and don’t regret it when you get old
First: insist on drinking milk tonic Calcium
To drink milk, you still have to drink high-calcium milk, which is easy to absorb. Among dairy products, camel milk can be called “Professional calcium supplement”!
“Suiyue Youtuo”
This Xinjiang authentic camel milk powder, professional formula, customized nutrition, added probiotics, taurine, folic acid and other nutrients, promote nutrient absorption, meet the needs of middle-aged and elderly people for bone and joint maintenance, prevention of osteoporosis, and care for the needs of middle-aged and elderly people Bone health.


Of course, the authenticity of “Year Camel” also reflects In order to comprehensive nutrition.
In addition to being rich in calcium, camel milk powder is also rich in vitamin D, which promotes calcium absorption,helps middle-aged and elderly people Maintain bone density.

At the same time, the added < strong>Taurine component, helps regulate immune function, enhance body defense and mobility.
Insist on drinking a cup of camel milk every day to fully absorb nutrients and provide nutritional support for the health of middle-aged and elderly people.

Second: keep exercising
middle-aged and elderly people In addition to needing to eat foods with relatively high calcium content in the diet, one more thing needs to be done, that is-persist in exercising.
Because Exercise can increase bone density and improve our physique; Even if it can’t make us return to the body of a young twenty-year-old boy, at least it can make our bones healthy.

Third: Persist in the sun
Facing calcium deficiency Regarding this issue, it is recommended that middle-aged and elderly people should also spend more time in the sun, because Sun exposure can help the synthesis of vitamin D in the body, and it is also conducive to the absorption of calcium, which is good for human bones.