After drinking, if there are 4 phenomena in your body, it means that you are no longer suitable for drinking. Suggestion: quit drinking early

Whether it is receiving relatives and friends or negotiating business, many people will drink alcohol as a bond. In terms of food nutrition, edible liquor containing trace amounts of fusel alcohols and lipids will be used It is marked that its concentration should be controlled below 60 degrees, that is, after this type of wine enters the human body, 90% of the substances will be converted into absolute ethanol.

Sure enough, there is a feeling that wine is a song and the geometry of life. After a certain period of time, it has become an indispensable drink on the table, and even a must-have method for sipping a few glasses to relieve psychological pressure.

As the saying goes, there is a market where there is demand. There are more and more types of wine on the market, and the standard of their sale The price range will also develop with the trend of social production level. But among this group of people, some people are not suitable for drinking, especially if they have some symptoms in their bodies, they should pay more attention.


After drinking alcohol, if there are 4 phenomena in your body, it means that you are no longer suitable for drinking. It is recommended : Quit drinking early

Pale face after drinking

People may have seen this situation when they drink alcohol, the face suddenly turns red or pale after drinking, This group of people is not suitable for drinking, especially those who are pale after drinking, let alone persuade them to drink.

After alcohol enters the human body, 90% of it needs to be metabolized by the liver, but this type of substance can easily lead to blood pressure Decrease, the blood flow rate of the whole body is reduced, and the peripheral blood vessels, especially the capillaries, have different degrees of contraction and spasm, resulting in pale complexion, and even respiratory depression, heartbeat depression, shock and even sudden death.

Dizziness after drinking Headache

You often feel dizzy after drinking alcohol, after waking up the next day There is still no relief, because as the concentration of ethanol in the human body continues to climb, the blood vessels in the brain constrict, resulting in reduced blood flow to the brain, hypoxia in brain tissue, and neuronal dysfunction.

After drinking a lot of alcohol, there will be incoherent speech, unresponsiveness and unsteadiness. Excitement turns into inhibition, pale complexion, clammy skin, continuing to drink alcohol at this time makes it dysfunctional and even life-threatening.

The amount of alcohol has dropped significantly

Everyone has a different tolerance to alcohol, so drinking is also different in daily life. Some people don’t get drunk after a thousand cups, while others pour down just one cup. This kind of situation must be taken seriously.

If you get drunk after drinking a glass of wine, and the amount of alcohol drops significantly, it means that your liver’s hangover function has declined , Liver function is damaged, unable to decompose more alcohol, still drinking a lot at this time, will inevitably increase the burden on the liver, and even lead to cirrhosis or liver cancer.

< strong>Memory decline

People who drink for a long time, the cerebral cortex will constantly Atrophy, sometimes inexplicably forgetting some things, resulting in memory loss, alcoholism in severe cases, and even Wernicke encephalopathy.

< span>In people who drink alcohol for a long time, it is likely to cause cerebral edema, accompanied by loss of muscle strength, confusion, hallucinations, loss of muscle coordination, and inability to form new memories.


What harm will long-term drinking bring to the body?

Reproductive System

Long Time drinking can also affect male fertility, and even lead to decreased sperm quality and low survival rate, The reason for this may be related to drinking for a long time. Generally speaking, it takes three months to recuperate after drinking once. There is also a probability of deformity in the child born to a woman who is pregnant after being drunk.

Central Nervous System

Many people feel dizzy and have a headache after drinking alcohol. In some cases, they may lose consciousness and lead to coma. The key is to cause the human nerves to shrink the cerebral cortex and destroy the nerves The system is normal, the probability of function is reduced, and the orientation is poor.


Drinking for a long time will also cause irreversible damage to the stomach, alcohol entering the stomach will irritate the stomach In the long run, it will induce gastritis, gastric ulcer, and even gastric perforation. There is no abnormality after drinking alcohol, because the effect of alcohol on the stomach is long-term accumulation and other diseases. it’s too late.


Knowledge extension – health wine

There are many now In order to increase the sales of their products, many merchants will continue to promote red wine and fruit wine into health wine, saying that after drinking, it can soften blood vessels and promote blood circulation.

Although there are It is reported that certain substances in red wine are beneficial to health, so these substances lack certain medical research confirmation, so don’t blindly believe in them and increase your drinking.

For health, the best drinking amount is 0, and the best way to sober up is not to drink !