After dating for five years, the boyfriend bought a house with joint property, and the wife felt that she was at a disadvantage after marriage, so she decisively demanded the AA system

Tu Lei once said that what brings a woman hope is not love, but a man’s responsibility; what brings a man a sense of security is not love, but a woman’s contribution to the family. Indeed, a marriage requires the joint efforts of two people to manage well, and maintaining the stability of the family is also inseparable from a sense of responsibility and mutual dedication. If the husband and wife cannot agree after marriage, it is too preoccupied, especially when it comes to money. It will only be a mess, and it will be difficult to live the life you want.

Fate begins with meeting, and love finally accompanies you. It is enviable to be able to talk about love and marriage, but marriage is not like falling in love, and there are not so many romances and romances Passion, some are just ordinary life like firewood, rice, oil and salt, especially before entering marriage, there are bride price and house in front of it. Once we can’t agree before marriage but we are reluctant to get together, we will inevitably have bumps and bumps after marriage.

Xu Yan never expected that she and her boyfriend Liu Hao have been in love for five years. After graduation, the two stayed in the same city to work hard for the future, thinking of saving money to buy a house and get married, but in the end, the hundreds of thousands of dollars they saved were used by Liu Hao to buy a wedding when they were talking about marriage. room, and only wrote his own name, Xu Yan had a big fight with him over this.

However, Liu Hao said that the woman’s family asked for a gift of 100,000 yuan, and he had already given it. Naturally, he didn’t need to add Xu Yan’s name to the house, not to mention the down payment was a bit short , the lack is still subsidized by the family, but Xu Yan thinks that her boyfriend is good at calculating. When he said to save money to buy a house, he asked himself to hand over his salary. Now he uses his savings as a bride price, and only writes his name when buying a house. Because of this, she was so angry that she wanted to break up, but her parents persuaded her to forget it. Her relatives and friends have notified her, and now she regrets that she has lost face.

For the sake of her parents’ face, Xu Yan chose to endure, but after she got married, she brought up AA with her husband Xu Hao only thought that his wife was playing petty temper, and at the same time felt that he was in the wrong, so he agreed. The husband’s salary has to be repaid the mortgage, and also used as living expenses. He has become a monthly income earner, and has no spare money in his hands. , After a long time, there will be dissatisfaction.

Especially when the child is born, the family expenses will be even greater, Xu Hao will soon be unable to afford it, and feel that it is unfair, the down payment is paid by the parents, The mortgage is being repaid by himself, but his wife has to move in with a bag and still needs the AA system. I am really at a disadvantage. So after Xu Yan calculated their respective expenses for the month, Xu Hao said: From this month onwards, the AA system will be cancelled, and I have to repay the mortgage , the pressure is too great, and the expenses at home will be paid by you.

Facing her husband who begged for mercy, Xu Yan was unwilling to make any compromises. Money to get married and buy a house, but the husband bought the wedding house privately without adding his name, and now he asks himself to bear all the family expenses. He replied: Impossible, I want to cancel the AA system unless my name is first added to the house.

Xu Hao also couldn’t understand his wife’s obsession with wanting to add a name to the house. He felt that his wife was too fussy. The woman’s family asked for a hundred thousand dowry as soon as they opened their mouths, which disrupted my plan to buy a house. At that time, I was also angry and deliberately did not add my wife’s name. I didn’t expect that because of this, it would become a gap between the two people, and they were still in a stalemate. Each takes a step back, and now it is for the sake of the children that they can only continue to make do with it. The countless happy marriages that they imagined when they were in love have been wiped out because of the house problem.

Gorky once said: Marriage is the union of two spirits, the purpose is We must overcome all difficulties and hardships in this world together. If the husband and wife can’t be in the same heart, they will naturally not be able to give everything for the common family, and in the end it will only lead to the breakdown of the marriage.

It is easy to fall in love and difficult to get along with each other, especially when it comes to money issues.If you care too much about who pays more and who pays less, for fear that you will suffer a disadvantage, then it will be difficult for you to have a happy marriage. If you care too much, you will lose more. Under the same roof, there will naturally be bumps and bumps. When bumping into each other, sometimes it takes two people to take a step back in order to truly open up the sea and the sky, and to make the home full of warmth and happiness.