After 10 years of freezing baby embryos, they can successfully wake up? What’s the secret in a liquid nitrogen freezer?

In 2011, a woman Chen from Wuhan received IVF at the Hubei Provincial People’s Hospital. After embryo transfer, she successfully conceived and A lovely child was born. Ten years later, Ms. Chen’s family came to Hubei Provincial People’s Hospital again and took out the embryo which was placed in the liquid nitrogen freezing tank 10 years ago strong> and wake it up successfully.

In early 2022, Ms. Chen successfully conceived her second child. Are you surprised by the magic of the whole thing when you see this news, curious about what is hidden in the liquid nitrogen freezing tank, so that the small life can last so long?

In early 2011, Ms. Chen, who had been married to her husband for three years and still had no pregnancy, finally made up her mind and went to the Reproductive Medicine Center of Hubei Provincial People’s Hospital with her husband. She decided to try IVF technology , see if you can change your infertility predicament.

After coming to the Reproductive Medicine Center of Hubei Provincial People’s Hospital, Professor Li Aibin arranged a detailed physical examination for Ms. Chen and formulated a plan to promote ovulation. In this way, Professor Li Aibin successfully took out the eggs from Ms. Chen’s body, and cultivated a batch of embryos. 12 days after the two embryos were transplanted into Ms. Chen’s body, Ms. Chen was successfully pregnant. After 10 months, Ms. Chen successfully gave birth to a lovely boy.

Five embryos that were not transferred were placed in a liquid nitrogen tank at the Center for Reproductive Medicine. Ten years later, at the beginning of 2022, Ms. Chen’s family, who wanted to conceive a second child again, came to the Reproductive Medicine Center of Hubei Provincial People’s Hospital.

Professor Li Aibin made a transplant plan for her after listening to Ms. Chen’s request. Li Aibin’s expert team thawed and resuscitated the embryo that Ms. Chen had frozen 10 years ago. After two days of cultivation, the embryos frozen ten years ago were put into Ms. Chen’s body. Also 12 days later, Ms. Chen returned to the hospital for examination. The test revealed that Ms. Chen had successfully conceived her second child.

The key to success lies in the liquid nitrogen freezer. What’s so amazing about this little jar?

Liquid nitrogen container, also known as liquid nitrogen freezing tank. The temperature in the liquid nitrogen freezing tank is -196°, because at this temperature, the embryo’s metabolism is almost equal to zero, the life cycle is temporarily stopped, and the embryo can be stored for a long time . And after thawing, at a suitable temperature, the embryo can regain its original vitality.

Therefore, liquid nitrogen cryochambers are often used to preserve cell properties and keep them free from contamination. In addition to preserving human sperm, eggs, and embryos, liquid nitrogen cryochambers are also used to preserve various mammalian cells, the most widely used preservation method. a method of cells. In addition to preserving cells, there are many surprising ways to use liquid nitrogen tanks.

Some people think: Since the liquid nitrogen freezing tank is so magical, the embryos can be restored to their original vitality in the past 10 years, so what will happen after the human body is thawed in the liquid nitrogen freezing tank? Can people be resurrected?

The idea at first glance sounds like a whimsical delusion. However, in fact, liquid nitrogen air-conditioning tanks are indeed used by people to freeze the body. This is the human cryonics technology born on the basis of the theory that freezing can reduce cell aging.

In 1976, Robert Eddinger, the father of cryonics, established the Cryonics Institute in the Clinton, Michigan area, USA./strong>, in the rooftop storage center purchased by his institute, there are many giant white fiberglass cylinders, which are giant liquid nitrogen freezing tanks. It was filled with the remains of those who were waiting to use futuristic technology to bring themselves back to life.

And on the conference wall of the Cryonics Research Society, there are pictures of cryopreserved “patients” of Edinger’s wife and his mother, the The institute’s first patient, Eddinger’s mother, died in 1977. Ten years later, the institute welcomed a second patient, Eddinger’s first wife. Eddinger also passed away quietly on July 23, 2011 at the age of 92. His remains will also be preserved in cryogenic tanks for future resurrection.

Actually, a liquid nitrogen freezer can’t really be preserved like an embryo. After freezing it, it can be resurrected as long as it returns to a certain temperature. The main reason is that cells such as embryos have biological activity before freezing, while cadavers lose their biological signs before freezing.

The long-term memory, character and identity inside the corpse are preserved using liquid nitrogen air-conditioning tanks. Keep these things until the day when technology advances to a certain level that can bring people back to life, or transfer these character traits to another body, realize the resurrection of the soul.

In fact, this idea has been confirmed by modern medicine. The brain can restore the long-term memories it retains after it stops working.

But there are still many problems that need to be solved in order to use cryo-resurrection technology: The first is that these brain structures that preserve character and long-term memory will continue to exist for a period of time after death.

Secondly, these brain structures can be preserved for a long time through cryonics, and finally, future technologies should be able to restore past memories and show them clearly in the resurrected.

Using liquid nitrogen freezing tanks for human body freezing, how is the specific process carried out?

First after a person dies, the person’s body is placed in a ice bath maintained at -76°C before being infused. At the same time, an automatic cardiopulmonary maintenance machine maintains the survival of the cadaver’s organs, cells and tissues, and restores blood circulation for injection of anticoagulants and drugs.

Then fill the tank with liquid nitrogen. Liquid nitrogen works on the same principle as a thermos bottle. The inside of the night light is separated from the outside by a vacuum, but because it is difficult to keep the heat in 100%, so a certain amount of liquid nitrogen must be evaporated. Therefore, the liquid nitrogen tank needs to be replaced weekly.

At present, cryoprotection technology has been widely used in semen, blood, special cells, stem cells, cord blood tumors, etc. Saved successfully up to 21 years. The success of this technology has brought the possibility of human whimsy: resurrection and immortality, and it is still unknown how the process of human society will develop.

Looking to the future through technology, everything in the future will become more unpredictable, which is probably the charm of technology.


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