Afraid to click on every bad news? Stay away from Moments and hot searches, and my anxiety has been reduced by half

Believe in the news these days, everyone must have been more or less emotionally affected.

The epidemic has lasted for 3 years, and everyone has gradually felt the secondary impact of the epidemic. An indestructible bearer.

The daily habit of swiping mobile phones, real-time hot searches, although it allows us to quickly obtain Many people will feel depressed and even hopeless in the face of disasters reported by online media.

The coercion of the Internet prolongs our social thinking and activities, and gradually invades our leisure and sleep, leading to varying degrees of depression.

‘Quarantine’ Triples Depression Symptoms< /p>

In the three years since the epidemic, global research data on the new crown have continued to emerge.

According to data, in the first year of the new crown, global depression and anxiety increased by 25%, and the secondary disasters caused by the virus have far exceeded those caused by the virus itself of death and disease.

As early as February 2020, The Lancet published an article on the impact of isolation on mental health. depression, irritability, insomnia, depression, etc., and are more likely to suffer from acute stress disorder.

When we continue to receive negative news, then we can’t help but want to get More news, or express your own opinions, output your own thinking, with all the anxiety, fear and anger.

We are addicted to the emotions that we need to repel originally, but people continue to accept negative news, and then under the vicious circle of insomnia, it will lead to a crisis in the human body.

When a person is in a state of depression, tension and anxiety for a long time, it is easy to induce the onset of depression.

When patients with depression develop, they will show depression, delusion, self-mutilation and other symptoms. idea.

If you have early symptoms of depression, you must go to the hospital for treatment in time to avoid The condition worsens and brings harm to the body.

The manifestations of depression are as follows. If you have the following symptoms, it is recommended to go to the hospital for examination in time and take antidepressant drugs under the guidance of a doctor. prevent the progression of the disease.

1. Persistent insomnia

Patients with depression will have insomnia. This kind of insomnia is not one or two, but persistent insomnia. Even if the patient does not have insomnia, they will also show sleep disorders, such as difficulty in falling asleep, early awakening and other symptoms. Long-term insomnia will make the patient’s mental state worse and make the patient’s condition worse.

2. Doing things has begun to listless

Another typical symptom of depression is not Happy, no matter how uninterested in anything, just want to be alone, and prone to delusions.

3. Greater mood swings

Depression patients have greater mood swings, Moreover, it is easy to show irritability and irritability. After the disease continues to develop, the patient’s brain response ability will become worse, and memory will also decline.

For patients with depression, if they want to get rid of depression, they must learn to manage their emotions, try to get rid of negative emotions in life, and face them with a positive and optimistic attitude towards life Life.

Although the treatment process is very painful, as long as the patient does not abandon or give up on his own life, he will definitely be able to restore his psychology to a healthy level.

How to adjust your mentality when paying attention to social events

When we pay attention to social events, we need to learn how to stop the impact of social events on ourselves.

Since we cannot change these things, and we are powerless to do anything, but political depression affects our daily life, emotions and work, how should we deal with it?

Learn to accept, since it is something that cannot be changed, you must treat it with an attitude of acceptance, and you also need to learn some ways to deal with negative emotions, such as talking to friends, or Take a walk in the park and participate in hobby activities.

When you talk to the other party, you still need to see whether the other party can be your emotional bearer , and can help you in time.

Of course, we don’t need to delete all social software, after all, sometimes we still need to rely on these software to pass the time, and at the same time, we need to control the time spent browsing social software, or as soon as possible Leave the comment area where the discussion atmosphere is not good, and reduce the number and incidents of receiving negative news.


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