A total of 188 people were infected, and nosocomial infection broke out in Changchun Infectious Diseases Hospital

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It is a designated hospital for the treatment of COVID-19.

In the past few days, more than 20 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government) in mainland China have experienced new crown epidemics.

August 31, a sudden outbreak of an epidemic in Changchun City: 5 cases of inpatients with positive nucleic acid were found in the routine nucleic acid test of Changchun Infectious Diseases Hospital, and none of the inpatients had any social activity track in the past 7 days .

As of 24:00 on September 4, a total of 15 new local confirmed cases and 173 asymptomatic infections were added in Changchun City. The infected persons are all hospital inpatients, inpatient escorts, medical nurses and staff, outpatient visits and escorts.

Apparently, this was a nosocomial infection. On September 1, Changchun Infectious Diseases Hospital issued a notice of suspension, and Building B of the hospital was adjusted to a high-risk area.

Fortunately, no infected persons outside the chain of Changchun Infectious Diseases Hospital were found in the 4 rounds of nucleic acid testing in Changchun City. “The source of this round of epidemic is clear, the chain is clear, and it is generally controllable,” said a news conference on epidemic prevention and control held in Changchun.

The epidemic affects 4 cities around Changchun

On September 4, Wu Jing, deputy director of the Changchun Municipal Health Commission, said that asymptomatic infections accounted for a large proportion of those infected in this round of epidemics, which was in line with the Omicron BA. 5.2.1 Onset characteristics.

The “medical community” noticed that 173 of the 188 infected people were asymptomatic, accounting for 92.0%.

The evolutionary branch of BA.5.2 spreads rapidly and is highly concealed, and the nucleic acid positive time of a small number of infected people lags behind the onset time. The latest research in South Africa shows that the R0 value of the BA.5 mutant strain is as high as 18.6, which is the most infectious virus at present.

The epidemics in Xinjiang, Shenzhen, Zhejiang Yiwu and Dalian were all caused by BA.5.2.1. In order to prevent and control BA.5, which has strong transmission power, Dalian City advocates wearing N95 and above masks in certain places.

September 4, Changchun City Epidemic Prevention and Control Press Conference. /Changchun release

Changchun’s epidemic prevention and control is based on speed and precision.

Since September 1, the development zone of the main urban area of ​​Changchun City will carry out a round of testing every day, and the outer counties and cities will carry out a round of testing every two days. Test, and strive to ensure that no one is missed, and no one is left behind. At present, Changchun City has completed four rounds of regional nucleic acid testing. Except for the positive people in the notification chain, all other tests are negative.

According to the trajectories of infected persons published on the official website of the Changchun Municipal Health Commission, the epidemic caused by the infectious disease hospital in Changchun has involved Gongzhuling, Songyuan and Siping cities around Changchun.

In addition, the epidemic also spread to Taonan City, Baicheng City, Jilin Province. On September 2, 2022, Taonan City found 1 case of positive infection at the initial screening in the nucleic acid test of the returnees from Changchun Infectious Diseases Hospital.

Taonan City responded quickly. Nucleic acid sampling was carried out in 16 townships and 8 streets in the city on the same day. A total of 240,400 people were sampled and tested, and all the nucleic acid test results were negative.

Changchun City launched the fifth round of regional nucleic acid testing at 6 o’clock today, and the 2022 Changchun Marathon was also cancelled due to the epidemic.

From 17:00 on September 1, 2022, the staff of the municipal disease control department will check the 24-hour nucleic acid test negative certificate and “good luck” for passengers who take the bus at Changchun Station and Changchun West Station. Code” green code.

Undertake multiple infectious disease treatment tasks

Changchun Infectious Diseases Hospital undertakes the task of admitting and treating imported confirmed cases. It is located 16 kilometers east of the city center of Changchun.

According to its official website, Changchun Infectious Disease Hospital is a top-three infectious disease medical institution, covering an area of ​​26 hectares and a building area of ​​40,957 square meters. It is the only infectious disease hospital with the most complete functions, the most advanced equipment and the largest scale in Jilin Province.

In January 2020, the first confirmed case imported from Wuhan in Changchun City, Jilin Province was treated in this hospital. More than two years after the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, Changchun Infectious Diseases Hospital has undertaken a number of infectious disease treatment tasks.

During the epidemic in Jilin Province in early 2020, Changchun Infectious Diseases Hospital, as the first batch of designated hospitals, admitted 43 confirmed patients, creating an excellent result of “zero patient deaths and zero nosocomial infections” .

“Changchun Daily” tweeted “Exploring the DNA of Changchun Infectious Diseases Hospital behind “zero deaths of patients and zero nosocomial infections”, according to this articleChapter introduction:

The hospital planned the isolation ward as soon as possible, and completed the delivery of Building D, which is being renovated, 10 days ahead of schedule, and equipped with all medical equipment, and prepared a total of 420 upper-limit reserved beds. Cui Wenyu, vice president of the hospital, said, “The whole hospital will coordinate in advance, and set up 6 echelons according to the ratio of 1:2 of medical staff, and more than 120 people will participate in the preparations.”

Two years later, Jilin Province suffered the worst outbreak in March. The Changchun Infectious Disease Hospital was all vacated, and buildings ABCD were all used to treat confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia and asymptomatic infections. Among them, two buildings A and B are dedicated to treating patients with tuberculosis and new coronary pneumonia, and two buildings C and D are treating other patients with new coronary pneumonia.

In Changchun Infectious Diseases Hospital, the First Hospital of Jilin University has been involved in the fight against the epidemic for many times.

In March this year, the First Hospital of Jilin University established an anti-epidemic treatment medical team stationed in Changchun Infectious Diseases Hospital, and sent 8 batches of 521 people to Changchun Infectious Diseases Hospital to carry out treatment work.

During the epidemic in February 2021, the First Hospital of Jilin University dispatched a total of 314 doctors and nurses with multidisciplinary backgrounds such as ICU, cardiovascular medicine, respiratory and critical care medicine, and neurology in multiple batches. People are devoted to the treatment of patients in Changchun Infectious Diseases Hospital.

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