A strong old man with cancer

[A strong old man with cancer] Tomorrow is the Double Ninth Festival, and I will tell you a story about an old man with cancer.

The old man is 80 and has advanced pancreatic cancer. He was terminally ill on National Day last year.

Pancreatic cancer deserves to be called the “king of cancer”. It not only affects people’s eating and drinking, but also causes pain. Oral morphine has become ineffective, and can only be maintained by injecting a large amount of morphine and injecting stability at the same time, but after only 3 hours, he wakes up, screams pain as soon as he opens his eyes, and then continues the medication.

The consciousness of the elderly is actually clear. At the age of 80, the heart, brain and kidney functions are very good, but the pain is here. The function of the vital organs is good, but the cancer cannot be controlled, and the pain persists. , consciousness is just more painful.

I fell into a coma 3 days before my death, and I lost consciousness and pain. Finally, I left quietly and finally got free.

When sober, the old man left a will to his three sons, clearly stating: Because of the epidemic control, after cremation, don’t go back to your hometown for burial, and don’t buy a cemetery in Tianjin, but temporarily store the ashes in Funeral home, when your dad dies, throw their ashes into the sea together.

He was diligent and kind all his life. After discovering the tumor, he faced it firmly. Even when he arranged the funeral, he always considered others.

This old man is my mother. In a few days it will be the anniversary of his death.