A rare and good medicine that was tributed in ancient times, the first choice for nourishing blood and strengthening kidneys

Cistanche deserticola enjoys the reputation of “desert ginseng”, has extremely high medicinal value, and is a traditional Chinese medicinal material. Cistanche has been regarded as a treasure by the Western Regions as a tribute to the imperial court in history, and it is also one of the most frequently used tonic drugs in the prescriptions for tonifying the kidney and strengthening yang in the past dynasties.

Meridians of sex and taste:

Cistanche deserticola is warm in nature and belongs to the kidney and large intestine meridians.


Cistanche has the function of invigorating the kidney and yang It can supplement kidney yang, improve kidney function, and relieve waist and knee weakness, chills and cold limbs caused by kidney yang deficiency. It also has certain curative effects on women’s irregular menstruation, palace cold, and infertility.

Cistanche is also a traditional Chinese medicine for nourishing essence and blood, which can make Qi and blood flow smoothly. In addition, Cistanche is also rich in dietary fiber, which can moisturize the intestines and laxative, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, reduce the intestinal absorption of food water, so as to soften the stool and accelerate the excretion of stool .

Modern pharmacological research, cistanche has anti-aging effects, regulates endocrine, promotes metabolism and strengthens Effects on the immune system.

Suitable crowd: impotence patients, dry bowel and constipation, cold waist and knee pain;

Contraindicated crowd: Yin-deficiency fire Prosperous people, menstruating women, children;

Not suitable for food together: laxatives