A poem of Liu Yuxi’s high level, without any superb skills, but with a high artistic conception throughout

In the previous article, Su Shi was introduced to everyone, so looking at the ancient literati, they all have one thing in common The point is that in real life, everything is unsatisfactory, and at the same time, it has suffered blows and exclusion. I think Liu Yuxi, a poet with a similar personality in the Tang Dynasty, was demoted to Hunan, Anhui, Lingnan, Guizhou, Sichuan and other places because of his participation in the Yongzheng reform in his early years. In the past, it was a barren land, but Liu Yuxi also faced it with a bland mentality and always faced life with a smile. This is also the most moving part of Liu Yuxi; no matter how bad life is, he has never never gave up.

Liu Yuxi’s poems also rarely use allusions, which is similar to his contemporary Bai Juyi, although He doesn’t have any superb skills, but the artistic level of his works is also very high, especially this “Upstairs”, which is a very interesting work. , but he vividly described his own perception of life and the state of mind at that time.

The building on the river is 20 stairs high, and the stairs are all over the clouds.

People go from Biepu for years, and the sky is flat and low.

In Liu Yuxi’s many works, this poem cannot be regarded as first-rate, but only as second-rate. However, it is very cleverly written, so such an interesting poem is also worth reading. When we read a poem, we still need to understand the author’s creative intention and the background of the times. Only in this way can we truly understand the meaning of the poem. After the research of some experts and scholars, Liu Yuxi’s poem was written during the time when he was demoted to Sima in Langzhou, which is today’s Changde, Hunan, and the place where Liu Yuxi was demoted for the first time.

Facing the ups and downs of life, facing the difficulties in life, Liu Yuxi seldom describes it. It is more about motivating himself in his works. No matter what kind of blows he has suffered in life, he always maintains his literati style, does not allow flattery, and does not cater to others; we also learn less from his works. Seeing him describe sadness, after all, such a proud poet as him, it is impossible to write, no matter how much pain and deep grief, he can still bear it.

I read Liu Yuxi’s poems for the first time when I was a child, and I fell in love with him immediately. The poet, every time I read his works, it also fills me with strength. However, in this poem, there is a touch of sadness. The beginning of the poem is about how I felt when I climbed the river tower. There is a tall building on the river in the distance. There are exactly twenty ladders. Then it is a higher level, and when you reach the top floor, you can be level with the clouds.

Then the last two sentences are described from another perspective, thus revealing a trace of sadness in the bones. It has been a few years since he left, and everything has long been a thing and a person. No, I am also wandering outside alone, and naturally there will be a bit of sadness. The whole poem does not have any skills, nor any foreshadowing, just so plain and straightforward, but each sentence is very deep, and it makes people feel a lot of emotion when reading, this is also the most charming part of this poem, and it is also the most worthwhile. Let’s read it carefully. In real life, isn’t that the case with us?

If Liu Yuxi was not involved in the Yongzheng reform, I believe he would shine in the Tang Dynasty political arena , Of course there is no if in history, we just feel sorry for such an excellent talent. A young man with lofty ambitions, full of talent, originally thought that he had learned the skills and had enough knowledge to achieve a career, but who knew that he would end up being demoted, and it was repeated again and again. Three, no one can understand his pain. However, he also turned his grief into strength, and wrote a series of classic masterpieces, which not only touched the era, but also made us the latter gain a lot from it. This is Liu Yuxi, a poet who uses his life to create. .