A lump of flesh growing on the anus? What are the factors that induce anal polyps?

Hemorrhoids are very common. When many people find a small ball near their anus, their first reaction is to think it is hemorrhoids, but in fact there is the possibility of anal polyps. Today, let’s talk about what are the factors that induce anal polyps?

1. Stool stimulation

If the stool is too dry for a long time, or the coarse residue and foreign matter in the stool will cause long-term damage to the intestinal mucosa, resulting in damage and inflammation of the intestinal mucosal epithelium, and finally the formation of anal polyp protrusions.

2. Diet

Fat composition is an important factor in the formation of anal polyps. Excessive amounts will directly increase the content of cholic acid in the rectum, and after the interaction between cholic acid and bacteria in the rectum, it is very likely to form adenomatous polyps.

3. Inflammatory stimulation in the rectum

Long-term chronic inflammation of the rectal mucosa is also one of the important factors that induce anal polyps First, chronic inflammation such as ulcerative colitis, amoebic dysentery, intestinal tuberculosis, nonspecific proctitis, and advanced schistosome enteritis may cause polypoid granulomas on the intestinal mucosa.

4. Genetic factors

The formation of anal polyps is closely related to the sudden change of genetic factors. It shows that some genes that lead to the formation of anal polyps are inherited from parents.

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